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Cricket fielding drills week: Skills

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This post is part of the Cricket Fielding Drills Week series. To go to part one click here.

You can never practice your fielding enough. Even 'natural' fielders need to keep their skills sharp to reduce the chance of dropping catches and missing run outs. Here are some drills that cover picking up, throwing and catching. You can also use them for fitness if you make them more intense, and don't forget the fielding drills I have already posted.

1. Aiming Relay Drill

Aiming relay drill

A fielder starts with the ball in hand. On cue they run to the centre marker, place the ball on the ground and run to the back of the queue on the opposite side. As soon as the ball has been placed, a fielder on the opposite side runs in, picks up the ball and returns it to the other side and runs to the back of the queue. Repeat until everyone has run, placed and thrown.


  • Instead of placing the ball, try rolling it or throwing it.
  • Instead of returning the ball to the fielder, try shying at the stumps
  • As pictured, turn it onto a race with two balls and two teams.

2. Driving and Stopping Drill

driving and stopping drill

Using correct driving technique, the batter attempts to hit the ball through the cones. The fielders must work together to stop the ball and return it to the feeder. Variation

  • Turn it into a game with points scored for getting the ball through certain gaps.
  • Add extra balls.

3. Team Drill

team feilding drill

I have already discussed this team drill, so see this post for details.

4. Pick Up and Underarm Drill

pickup and underarm drill

Fielder 1 rolls the ball out to the centre; fielder 2 runs in at the same time, picks up and throws it to fielder 4. Fielder 2 then runs behind fielder 4. Fielder 4 then rolls the ball to the centre for fielder 3 to pick up,throw and run to the back of fielder 1. Continue as long as you like.


  • Try shying at the stumps instead of underarm throwing.
  • Add extra balls.

5. Run Out Drill

run out drill

The fielder with the ball rolls it out in front of the queue of fielders. At the same time, the first batsmen sets off to make a run. The first fielder in the queue runs in and attempts to run out the batsman then runs to the back of the queue. Continue as long as you like.


  • Make the batsman run 2 and the fielder return from the deep.

6. Team Catching and Run Out Drill

Team catching and run out drill

On cue the wicketkeeper throws the ball out to the first fielder and the batsman sets off to run two runs. The ball must be thrown and caught by all fielders and returned to the wicketkeeper before the batsman makes his ground.


  • Use rolling and ground fielding instead of throwing and catching.
  • Make it non-stop.
  • Turn it into a game fielders vs batters.

If you want even more fielding techniques, tactics and animated drills from one of the best fielders in the world, check out Fielding: The Derek Randall Way on PitchVision Academy. Now with live video versions!


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