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Cricket Fitness Workout: Gym for Spin

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Like all cricketers, to be a good spinner you need a base of fitness, especially in strength and power. Maybe it's not the same as smashing sixes and bowling bouncers, but a ripping ball is equally destructive.

But spin also need a lot of time bowling spin, which leaves you with the gym as a secondary concern. You want to get in, get it done and get out so you can go back to bowling.

You want as much as you can get in as little time as possible.


If that's you and you want to give your spin bowling an extra edge you can't get from just bowling, try this workout to give you strength, suppleness and focus.

Spin Bowler's Workout

Perform resp as instructed, if you cannot perform the exercise (ie. push up), do it to failure.

Day 1

After warming up perform:

1. Trap bar deadlift (or sumo deadlift if you have no trap bar): 5x5 (5 sets of 5 reps, 1-2m rest between sets)

Perform the follow exercises in superset pairs (no rest between exercises, 1m rest between pairs):

2a. Press up 4x8
2b. Dumbbell row 3x6, 2x10

3a. Glute bridge 3x10-15
3b. Ab wheel rollout 3x to failure

Day 2

1. Kettlebell swing 4x10-15

2a. Dumbbell split squat 4x8
2b. Standing one arm dumbbell shoulder press 3x8
2c. Inverted row 5x8

3. Press up with suspension trainer 4x8

Day 3

1a. Goblet squat 5x8
1b. Chin up 5x5 1c. 1 arm dumbbell bench press 5x6 (each arm)

2a. Overhead lunge 4x8 (each leg)

2b. Press up 4x8

If you are doing this workout in season there is no need for extra cardio unless your match is rained off. If you are off season you can add extra endurance work where you see fit.

Try this for 4-8 weeks and you will be impressed by the gains in performance as a spin bowler!

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I want to improve my cricket fitness to be a good all-rounder. Without using gym I need some natural spices to make my cricket meal fit and natural

great work sir keep it up ,it encourages person like us who have no guidance but want to go to that level