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Cricket Infographic: The Pyramid of Batting Coaching

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Don't underestimate the power of coaching the basics well.

Think of good progressive coaching in building blocks: keep building the pyramid from the bottom up. It takes much longer to get it right unless you technically prepare players for the next level.


There is no point doing bouncer practice early in a winter training program if you haven't done plenty of grooving on back foot drives and defence. You need to gradually build up a player's technique and confidence. If something breaks down in a particular area go back revisit it and start building block by block again.

The same principle applies to hitting gaps and manoeuvring the ball, a player needs to nail their basic technique first. If not, the player will be ineffective and inconsistent in trying to deliver a game plan.

The grooving stages should be the most intensive on technical input. Get very technical and strive for perfection. When you reach the later stages cut back on technical input and focus on; watching the ball, shot selection and delivering game plans. Keep eyes out for minor faults.

Even if the player is getting runs, it's your job to fix it before it gets any worse. The longer you leave a small fault, the bigger it becomes and the harder it is to fix. However, fine tuning is easy for the player and coach to sort out.

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