Cricket Show 19: Technique builds confidence | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show 19: Technique builds confidence

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Kevin and David are back to discuss your cricket coaching questions in the new series of the miCricketCoach Show.

If you have a question or comment related to cricket technique, fitness, nutrition, tactics or psychology you can email the show here.

This week we talk about:

  • What technical changes to make to improve your bowling accuracy
  • How to play the short ball well
  • Is using a cricket ball in a sock good practice?
  • Why trusting your technique leads to improved batting confidence

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why no more podcasts after this one?

There was a short delay due to technical issues, but number 20 is now up.

can pls send me bating tips for me

You can get them sent to you automatically raghu. If you get the free coaching newsletter here.

nothing else but i wana get information abt the cheap academy

email me for information.