Cricket Show 22: Batting and bowling tips | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show 22: Batting and bowling tips

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Kevin and David take a look at batting and bowling this week as we answer your cricket coaching questions on the following topics:

We also talk about the twitter phenomenon and how it might be able to help your cricket. (as well as become a major distraction!)

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respected sir,

first thing is im medium pacer bowler, my question is i m right hand bowler my action & jump high but sir, my body band there not going fitest action, what will be do????

respected sir,
i am 16 years old .i am medium pace bowler i have a problem wth my swinging skills that i could not make bowl in swing what to do sir please suggest me some site or your opinion

Respected sir,

I am a 14 year old. and i'm a fast right arm bowler but the problem is that i can't get much pace and swing how can i fix that?

Could be a number of things - technical or related to your power output. Have you looked at the 10 Laws of fast bowling on the site?

how do i get extra bounce, im medium fast

I'm a fast bowler.. how to create extra pace and swing ? Many other cricket tips are discussed through video class at

i m 16 year old left arm fast bowler bt i hv a lower back pain

Have you checked out this article: 7 Ways cricketers can stop lower back pain

hii i m 18 years old i m a all rounder but i have a problem in my bowling i have not bowl more pace with swing how can i bowl more pace with swing

i am 14 years old i am right arm fast bowler but the problem is i can't get much pace and swing how can i fix it pleas guide me