Cricket Show 76: What's your in-season training like? | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show 76: What's your in-season training like?

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PitchVision Academy Cricket ShowMurray Creed is this week's guest coach answering your questions on a range of cricket coaching subjects.

Also in the show, Gary Palmer improves your batting and David tells us about his experiment with a new style of in-season workout. We are keen for your feedback on your own in-season training. Get in touch via email or facebook and let us know what you do (even if it's nothing).

If you like Murray's coaching and want video advice, you can upload your videos to PitchVision Academy for online coaching.

The topics we cover this week include:
  • How to improve your confidence against short, fast bowling
  • How to stop using too much bottom hand in the drive
  • What do to when you are dropped down the batting order
  • How to adapt to batting in a helmet

You can submit your own questions for us to answer here or on facebook.

Congratulations to the competition winner who wins a free coaching course on PitchVision Academy. To find out how to enter this week's competition, download the show.

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