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Des Haynes Masterclass on PitchVision Academy

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When you think of legendary opening batsmen, you don’t have to make a long list before you get to Desmond Leo Haynes.

The West Indies opener forged the most successful opening partnership of all time with Gordon Greenidge and picked up a thing or two about batting over the course of 26,000 first-class runs.

And now he is revealing his batting methods in Batting Lion; the online Masterclass on PitchVision Academy.

To celebrate this announcement, we are running a series of free videos previewing the video section of the course.

So over the next few days, PitchVision Academy will be taken over by Des Haynes’ advice.

All you need to do is check back here and watch the videos to get all the Caribbean cricket advice you have ever wanted (you can also get it in the free newsletter if you don’t want to check back).

Click here to enrol on the entire online course.

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