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Help Garas Design An Indoor Cricket School, And Win A Prize!

Fancy helping design a new indoor cricket centre with me?

2018 has started pretty well, but the thing which has got me most excited was a phone call asking for me to design a brand new facility at Millfield.

It’s been 17 years since I last led an indoor school design process and a lot has changed since the turn of the century!

There are so many more options available to me. You only have to look at our Campus at Millfield to see examples ranging from brick built sporting environments to our incredible Equestrian Centre to see. And that’s on the outside of the building!

So I have an outline plan that I am adding too and balancing each day.

Naturally, I have PitchVision technology lined up for each of the five lanes within the centre, and a few other things besides.

To me, there is no monopoly on ideas so I have sought far and wide for innovation and inspiration.

I have looked at best practice centres around the world, and picked the brains of some excellent coaches and players who have spent lots of time working inside centres of all shapes and sizes. Both sources have given me some great ideas and now I want to cross reference those ideas with yours.

What’s your dream?

What would consider vital for a “dream” indoor cricket centre?

And why?

The best idea that we receive on PitchVision in the comments, via twitter, on email or through our Facebook page will receive a Pitchvision Academy Online Course of their choice.

Even better, will obviously be credited if the idea ends up being incorporated into the design and the build.

You have the chance to influence the shape of a world leading cricket centre and pick up a fantastic PitchVision course in the process.

Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid idea...

I look forward to hearing from you

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