Discuss: What Technology Do You Have to Help Your Cricket? | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Discuss: What Technology Do You Have to Help Your Cricket?

What technology do you use to help your cricket? Let's open up a discussion today, because I'm interested in hearing about the PitchVision reader's experience.

So leave a comment and let me know. Do you keep your phone around when you train? Do you put all screens aside when it's cricket time? Do you keep spreadsheets on your laptop? Are you a tablet user, and how do you use it?


As you know, I'm at the "geek" end of coaching. I always have my phone at training for notes and videos. I have my laptop to run PitchVision; both ball tracking and video analysis. At games I take an iPad to log match information for analysis, and a camera for recording matches. I gave up carrying a pen and paper at all about a year ago, although we do still often use whiteboards for quick things at nets. Other than that, if it has a chip, I can find a use for it at training or games.

I know I take it to the max, but I'm an experimenter and technology evangelist for cricket. I'll try things others wouldn't because it's my job to get the edge.

But how about you?

What tech have you added to your training, coaching and playing? Leave a comment, even if the answer is "nothing"!

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I use an app for analysis and my smartphone note4 which contain note facilities, access to videos and coaching materials , sport science journals etc

Take a look at the free video analysis PitchVision app on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pitchvision&hl=en_GB there's also an iPhone version here