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Baseball Techniques in Cricket?: Throwing - the Back Arm Position

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Worth a look - tells us a lot about how to throw properly!

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It's a good idea to look at baseball videos as they do know a lot about throwing technique. Unfortunately, this guy is an exception as almost everything he says is dangerously wrong.

If you consistently bring your elbow above the line of your shoulders while throwing as he suggests, you will injure your rotator cuff within a very short time. Using this poor technique is actually the leading cause of shoulder injuries amongst baseball pitchers.

His comment on arm pronation are also dangerously misinformed. The arm should also move from a supinated to pronated position through the throw as this protects the ligaments in the elbow. By starting it in a fully pronated position, you have nowhere to go, and you will soon blow out your elbow and need Tommy John surgery.

Interesting, I wasn't aware of those points AB. Maybe there is an article in it?

This is one of my favourite blogs, from the St. Louis cardinals pitching scout Chris O'Leary.