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Do you ignore your fielding off your own bowling?

caught and bowledDeveloping your ability to field off your own bowling can make a huge difference to you and your teams performance.

It gives the captain an extra fielder to work with, can take surprise wickets through low catches and run outs and discourage batsmen to go for quick singles. While you could leave it to chance or natural ability, but it's very easy to train yourself to stay on the ball even after you have let that cherry go.

  • During nets, make sure you are staying aware as you follow through. With practice it becomes habit for you to be ready for the ball coming back onto either straight or at short extra cover.
  • Make sure your fielding practice includes the coach feeding balls back to you after you have 'shadow' bowled. You can easily separate off with the other bowlers to take turns in doing this.
  • Develop your non-cricket specific dynamic balance, agility and reactions as part of your wider training plan.
  • On the field consider yourself a fielder not a bowler the moment the ball has let your hand. Get into a position of balance to see the ball early and be ready for the return. You may get less than one chace a game so keep your concentration high.

A caught and bowled is difficult but satisfying. Remember how important your role is after the ball is bowled as well as before.

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