Fielding Drills: Double Underarm Race | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Fielding Drills: Double Underarm Race

This drill is part of the PitchVision Academy fielding drills series, for more in this series click here.

Purpose: Practice the underarm pickup and throw in a pressure situation.


  • The player at position 1 runs out to pickup/return a ball rolled by the player at position 2.
  • Player 1 then continues running to perform another pickup/return fed from the player at position 3.
  • Player 1 then continues to position 3 while player 3 runs to position 2 and player 2 runs to the back of the queue at position 1.
  • Perform the relay twice and rest.

Coaches Notes: This drill can be used for conditioning. Please be aware of the work to rest periods. 

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