Fitness for Coaches: How Important is it to be Physically Fit as a Coach? | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Fitness for Coaches: How Important is it to be Physically Fit as a Coach?

When it comes to personal fitness, there are two schools of thought within the coaching industry.

I was once told that a well respected International coach stated to his players that "you should never listen to a coach who hasn't got a 6-pack".

I disagree.

To me that’s a limited belief given that many of the best coaches in the world are over 55 and manage to win World Cups and Ashes without abeing able to appear on a magazine cover with their shirt off.

Health and vitality

My personal view is that we are in a position to become a powerful role model. We can and do have a tremendous influence on our players.

We need to promote and understand the vital element of physicality and health within the modern game of cricket. What better way of doing that than by role modelling it ourselves?

Additionally; hitting high catches, taking balls with a mitt, and providing precise catching practice for our slip fielders will only be enhanced with good fitness and health.

A Coaches fitness plan

It doesn't matter if you are young or old, we can all increase our effectiveness by keeping on top of our fitness.

You can keep your heart and lungs healthy with walking, swimming, cycling, cross-training or running 3 times per week. Keep mobile and strong by incorporating a minute stretching routine or Pilate’s session into your daily schedule.

See it as a continual development opportunity. We can learn a new physical discipline and then incorporate it into our coaching once we have mastered it.

My own plan

I have set myself a task of developing my own swimming technique (and therefore my fitness) and studying Pilates this year so I can bring these elements into my coaching programmes with Millfield School and the other teams that I am working with.

Here is some stuff to get you started too.

If nothing else, the Pilates will increase your core power in your throwing and hitting and take an inch or two of your waistline. 

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