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Good technical coaching is the key to batting success

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Gary Palmer, the PitchVision Academy batting coach, examines how getting good technical coaching can improve your game. If you would like coaching from Gary, check out CCM Academy.
I can't tell you the power and importance of good technical coaching for a player to succeed at any level, especially Test matches. 

A sound basic technique allows you to be consistent against the best bowlers in the world at Test level. Let's look at some current England players for examples:

Jonathan Trott

The new England batter performed well in the high Ashes pressure situation and did not look phased by it at all. He batted like an England player who had been in the side for a number of years with many matches under his belt. He has real presence at the crease and looked highly focused while been cool calm and collected. He bats like a 'good old fashioned' Test player:

Jonathan plays straight very well and has his basics in order. He looks to keep it simple and play straight with good technique while demonstrating high intensity levels of concentration.

From a coaches point of view I would say that he has the level of technique to make him a successful test player.

Jonathan has his batting ABC's in order:
  • Alignment
  • Balance
  • Completion of shot with high leading left elbow with enables him to play straight effectively.

Jonathan strikes me as being a tough character. This coupled with his simple game plan and solid technique means that he has all the qualities of becoming a great player in the future.

Jonathan just needs to monitor and maintain the efficient and effective technique that he currently has and he will do well.

Ravi Bopara and Alastair Cook

The difference between Trott and Bopara is that Trott has found out the best technique that will work at Test level. Bopara is still tinkering and fine tuning trying to get his technique up to scratch.

On the other hand Cook has great potential but his technique has stayed the same and recently it has been proved that it will not work consistently at Test level.

A good technical coach with the right corrections, drills and practices will be able to solve these issues. So my questions to any young player having technical issues like Cook are these:

  • Do you know what technical changes you need to make?
  • Are you prepared to accept change?

Player like Cook with technical faults needs a coach. If he is left to work it out for himself he through trial and error he could end up taking too long and therefore being dropped. He needs the correct intervention and now.

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