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Here's a great way to build team spirit

Do you find you have problems with team standards and discipline at your club?

Many teams do, it's the nature of recreational sport. Club players are there to have fun as much as to win games. Teams can be collections of individuals rather than a unit with shared values.

But being amateur doesn't mean having amateur preparation. It doesn't take much to follow the lead of Glamorgan and establish a code of conduct. It's a simple idea and one that has worked in business for years: Allow mutual self-respect and the team becomes self-regulating. This leads to better results. Which is half of the point with none of the Army act.

All it takes is a meeting of key players to set down what is expected of the team for the season. This can anything from simple to detailed:

  • Walking out onto the field together
  • Pre-game routines
  • Practice requirements
  • Dress codes (for example wearing a club cap or shirt)

The options are endless but the key is to make sure it's the players who agree to the code rather than having it imposed upon them.

After all, noone will want to play if they are forced, but doing it for themselves breeds a whole different attitude.

So consider as the season begins, what are your clubs standards? Are they set in stone and decided by the players?

It's a simple, small change that could make a big difference.

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