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Here’s a Video Timeline of How to Warm-Up before Cricket

We all accept the importance of a warm up to prepare your body and mind for the game if you play any serious level of cricket from school upwards.

So how does a modern cricket club do it?

We looked at the hour or so that our case study club, Watsonian CC, took to warm up in a league match in Edinburgh.

Watsonians are lucky in that they have both a qualified strength coach and a former international in the side, both playing as amateurs. This means both the physical warm up and the skill work is covered in a way that gets the most from the players.

Any side can copy or customise this warm up safe in the knowledge that it works. It helps prevent injury, prepares you mentally and physically for the first ball of the match.

The video covers general warming up, stretching and mobility and pre-game skill work.

Click here to view the interactive video now.

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David Hi

This is more like it. Much prefer seeing drills on video. When are you going to update Rob Ahum's section? You mentioned you were going to do something about pre-season, bit late now, but still worth seeing.

I would be interested to hear from other coaches on what drills they use to warm up.

Keep up the good work

Robin Collins

Thanks Robin, I do my best.

I'm sorry I forget which updates we are talking about?

By the way, feedback is really important - if you want to see something just tell me and I will try my best!

Very good piece on warmups.

David Hi

We spoke about a month ago and you mentioned that you had some new stuff to put on Rob Ahum's strength and conditioning site.