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High Impact Technical Batting Coaching

Gary Palmer is bucking the trend in batting coaching. His coaching combines classical techniques with innovative methods.

It's a delicate balance, but Gary walks the tightrope efficiently between the old and the new, picking the best from both and coming up with ideas like The Great Batting Hoax and 4 Angles.

So what is Gary Palmer; an old school coach who believes one size fits all, or an innovator who is constantly researching new ways to help batters improve?

Gary has come up with a presentation that helps you learn the truth.


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High Impact Batting Coaching Video

The slides outline Gary's views on,

  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Sir Viv Richards and ABC of Batting
  • Outcome Based Coaching
  • Improving Batsman's Skill Levels
  • Expectations for a Batting Session
  • Monitoring Improvements
  • The BEST Technique
  • The Perfect Shot
  • Measuring Kit for Batting ABC

Whether you coach or bat, there is plenty for you to consider in this guide. Click the link to view.

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