How to exploit batting weaknesses: Introduction | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to exploit batting weaknesses: Introduction

In cricket, all batsmen have technical weaknesses. Really good bowlers and captains are able to use them to get the player out.

In this new series we will examine the more common technical faults, show you how to spot them and give you the bowling and field setting tactics you need to exploit them.

So if you are a bowler or a captain and you find yourself scratching your head for ideas on how to get a player out, this is the guide for you.

Stance weaknesses

Grip weaknesses

Backlift weaknesses

The series will be added to as we go along, so get the free newsletter to make sure you don't miss anything.


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Wow, great idea. Have for example seen obviously flawed batting stances often enough, but never quite sure what to do about it!

Thanks Stephen, if you have any flaws in particular you want to see, let me know.


Absolutely great idea for us, I am very thankful to you, actually I am a bowler who can bat well, but never tried, I want to be a All-rounder (batsman) so I always wants this type of articles.

Thank You

Hmm. Batsman's feet close together? It seems so counter-productive that I almost don't think I should be asking but why not?! Maybe you could tie 'feet far apart' into the same article or something...

Cheers Stephen I'll add it to the list.

I must say that this series is brilliant for coaches aswell as captains for this will help them setting corrct fields for each individual batsman's faulty technique...thanks

It is brilliant but what about the batsman.if he/she is having technical weakness how to avoid it and what is correct stance,grip and backlift position?please send to my email.

You are in the right place Muhammad. Click here for the answer from ex-professional cricketer and top coach Gary Palmer.

hey dave
you have pointed out how quicks should bowl at the batsmen weakness
but what about spinners, leggies in particular ;0
cheers mate

The same theories apply to spinners and quicks. Sometimes a leg spinner will not be the best person to bowl to a certain style, but you can alsoways fall back on your classic modes of dismissal. Click here to see those.

thanks dave

i need your immediate help. im a leggie of 13 years i play for a 2nd grade senior cricket team as well as an under 15's team.
my problem is that i get a lot of extra bounce which is good thing but it rules out LBW and bold. As a result i can only get wickets
caught or stumped. i get more wickets in senior cricket than junior because the fielders are better (even then more than half my
chances are missed), i have to play juniors so i can play district cricket.
I think im a fairly good leggie i can bowl all the variations properly including the flipper and zooter. the problem is that the
fielders seldom catch the ball and the keeper gives away alot of byes and cant collect cleanly so i usually dont get stumpings. i
believe i can go as far play state under 15 if i had better fielders and keeper. I tried using signals to point out what variation im
going to bowl to the keeper before i bowl but that didn't work.

Your Advice Will Be Much Appreciated

I have to tell you this but it sounds like you are making a lot of excuses. The keeper is terrible, the fielders can't catch and you can't get a bowled or LBW because you are so good. Maybe you are a rare undiscovered genius but whether you are or not you need to take responsibility for your bowling performances as the first step.

Yes, it's frustrating when a catch is dropped but you must use the setback to steel yourself to be even better.

How do you do that? There are many ways. Take responsibility for fielders by leading fielding practice. Work on bowling balls that don't bounce as much (if you are not hitting the top of off stump you are not bowling well enough). Develop the mental strength not to blame others but to be as good as you can be.

Thank you very very much. I tried ,it works! I just cannot imagine, how perfect it is.