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How to get momentum this cricket season

Do you ever wonder what international cricketers mean when you hear them talk about 'momentum'? Is it another way of saying 'we need to win' or is there something to the idea that once you start doing well on the pitch it becomes increasingly easy to keep doing well?

Momentum is a critical factor in cricket because it can make the difference between two sides of equal skill. This is because momentum is having the self-confidence to apply skill at the right moment in a match. It's all about timing.

In short, momentum is nothing more than the combination of mental and physical skills under pressure.

Consider two teams like Australia and South Africa playing in the World Cup. As these side are the top ranked in the world there is no doubt their skill and technique is on a par. However, the ability to stay cool and play just the right shot (or bowl the right ball) at the right moment is enough to give one side the confidence to win.

Cricket momentum tricks

You can learn this kind of situational awareness:

But for it to really work you need the skill and fitness to back it up. Otherwise you are simply learning to be relaxed while getting beaten. That's not momentum.

Cricket may seem like a slow game, but matches and seasons can turn in a matter of moments. To make sure you and your team are on the right side of those moments you can focus on keeping momentum through sound physical, technical and mental practice.



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