Cricket Mental Training: The Complete Guide

Mental preparation is often overlooked in cricket. We all say how important it is, then go back to the nets for another hit. But it's simple to improve your mental game without ever having to see a shrink. You simply need to be aware of how to do it.

However, "knowing yourself" is also one of the harder skills to develop as both a player and a person. It can take decades of work. It's about far more than just practicing and hoping you will get spotted the day you score a hundred.

Some people scoff at the idea that the head has anything to do with the physical skills of the game. Yet, these same people are also the ones who applaud the tougness of batsmen who see of a barrage of bouncers, or the determination of a spinner who is under attack from a flashing blade.

The fact is, everyone uses their mind, the only difference is how much you control it or how much it controls you.

So, below is the always updated guide to preparing your mind for cricket, whatever level you play.

Introduction to Mental Game

Having Mental Nets


Ambition and Goal Setting


The Zone


Other Mental Training Tips

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Super work. So much information to take in, have to work through and read it all a few times.

Thanks Andy, all constructive feedback gratefully accepted.

Also, if you like the page why not Stumble it at ?

Great guide brilliant content have to re read it a couple of times to take it all in.

Thanks Laurence, if you have any questions or comments to add please drop me a line.

Great article! Very complete "psychological" training.

What did you like about it Jorge?

I am a Psychologist and currently preparing a Phd Research work on mood and performance of cricketer. i would be love to receive your help and guidance for the same.

looking forward to your reply

Thanking you,

I want to become a cricketer i am 13yrs old
Right arm fast medium bowler
right handed batsmen / my average is 23.67

But my fitness is very bad
example- When i bowl 3 or 4 deliveries i can't bowl the next

What i should do to develop my fitness

Have you read the complete guide to cricket fitness MD Zaid?

Panna, sorry I missed your comment, please drop me an email.

hello sir, my qestion is what all bowlers should have in their diet plus exercises to remain fit?


Sorry for delayed reply but i came to know about your reply today. Can i have your email to share my ideas? my id is

thank you. and looking forward to a great association.

hello sir, please give me all the details how could i join a good cricket acedmey. thank you

Where are you krish?

hello sir, at present i m at maharastra, INDIA.

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