How to improve your footwork on the back foot | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to improve your footwork on the back foot

In this free video, Gary Palmer reveals a simple drill that any age or skill level cricketer can use to improve their back foot positioning for defence, drives, cuts and pulls.


This video is a free sample from Gary Palmer's online coaching course on defensive shots. It contains more video drills on how to play defensively and further build up your confidence against short bowling, epecially when it's fast and short. The full video contains further progressions and a detailed technical breakdown of each shot.

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Hello there, I'm a bowling all-rounder and I really struggle to get on the back foot. I'm not scared of the ball; infact I'd rather go forward to balls even around my chest. Do you have any advice for me? I believe my current tactics are going to make me prone snicking off on the back foot. Thanks Jordan

If you find that either going forward or backwards is naturally more instinctive to you than vice versa, then you can adjust your trigger movement/ setup at the crease/ thought process as the ball is released to focus on getting in position to play back and across to the short pitched delivery, and then let your natural instincts push you forward again if the ball is pitched up.

Many batsmen have a natural preference for either frontfoot/backfoot or offside/legside shots, and thus have to balance this out by making sure they are both mentally prepared and in the correct initial position to play their less preferred shot as easily as possible.

good point, i never thought about going back or across, or even stepping out or deepre inside the crease. thanks for the help i'll try it out it my next net session

Dear David .

i have 13yr old son, he started playing cricket 3 yrs back this is his 4 th year in progress.
recently he has started to play against the bowling machine . he is purely a front foot player with nice check drives at speed around 70miles, around 75 miles he is not able to drive but defend ball in front foot.
his problem is back foot strokes to be specific cut and pull as he is able to play defense and flick from the hip to the short ball
even if the ball is slow and short he is not able to play the pull or cut, there is big difference to his front foot and back foot play

i have 3 questions to you.

1) what is the problem do you attribute to
2) how can this be rectified
3) is he lacking hand eye coordination

i will be highly grateful if you can help me on this.

While playing cricket the primary thing is that to improve the footwork on the back foot. The reason that is behind the play and the original orkopina exercise is we have to give more stress on the back legs.

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