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How to make your captain love you

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Captains are stressed out people out in the field. There they are plotting several overs ahead while trying to winkle out the current partnership, set the field and change the bowling.

In the midst of all that chaos there is something every fielder can do to make the skippers job much easier, and improve you chances of winning:

Keep your eye on the captain.

This tiny piece of concentration on your part is a huge bonus to the team.

  • The captain can move you subtly without alerting the batsman.
  • The team comes across as more disciplined when there is less shouting and arm waving.
  • The captain seems in control, which keeps him calm while stressing the opposition.
  • It keeps you more alert, more aware of the game situation and more likely to field well.

So don't let your mind drift, instead concentrate on watching the captain and fielding well and the skipper will want you in every team they pick.

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