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How to perfect your cover drive

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The perfect cover drive isn't that important. The techniques are poured over by well meaning coaches striving for the edge. In reality perfecting your technique is not as important as you think.

Any batsman at any level would love to have a cover drive and pull shot as technically perfect as Michael Vaughan. Technique is just a means to an end though. Shiv Chanderpaul got far more runs in the English summer with a much less classical method.

For me there is no such thing as perfect technique, there are just methods which are as individual to you as that crab-like stance is to Shiv. Tall batsmen are going to use their body and balance in different ways to shorter players. Wide shouldered people will need a different method to someone slim.

The days of the MCC copybook are over.

After all, does it really matter how you hit a four, or whether you are hitting them at all?

The real route to technical perfection

If you really want to have a perfect technique you have to work out what that means for you. Some people need more coaching than others to get there, but eventually it's down to you to establish what works.

How do you do that?

  1. Be an athlete first. Good technique stems from a number of skills: strength, balance, visual perception and posture. If you work on these your ability to play shots will naturally increase. Think of these elements as the base of a pyramid that peaks with good technique at the top. Hit the gym and train hard.
  2. Practice with an outcome in mind. Focus your practice on hitting targets rather than thinking about what your foot or elbow is doing. You will naturally do the right thing with good drills performed regularly.
  3. Do what feels right for you. Try different methods when doing your drills. Some things will feel right, some wont. Experiment until you find something that is comfortable for your brain and body type.

Working with yourself in this way means your own version of perfection can be achieved far more easily than trying to copy someone else. We are all different. We all need to play cricket differently and that means each having a different technique.

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who eva wrote this clearly know nothing about cricket

What is it that makes you say that jt? Do you feel that everyone should bat exactly the same way?

Well, seeing as he's a coach he obviously does. i don't think it matters, for example for my age im pretty tall so sometimes i don't bend over the ball in shits, i just stand up to them and play em throught the covers. good article

Dear Sir,

My question is that how to improve cover drive for 6 to 10yrs young boys and is their any books that details are mentioned,

how can you tell that is a important method to us?

I don't understand your question sahi.

how can i improve my fitness at home?

Massive question Aman. It all depends on your goals, experience and what equipment you have available. Can you tell me a little more?

I am doing loads of drill, and i think that is helping me alot..
anyways, different people have different views


dude i think ur right


Dear Sir,
While playing a straight drive i always get bowled as the ball passes through bat and pad
What should i do to improve my shot ?And while facing a spin ball i always have a problem that which way the the ball will spin or whether it will spin or not ,how can i understand spin balls?
I will be glad if you help me in these two problems.

I always try to play cover drive but I get catch out what drill should I do to perfect my cover drive. please sir suggest me. I am very upset.