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How to Plot a Stumping

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Stumping is a way you can get one up on your quick buddies. It's an extra dismissal type that quick bowlers do not have access.

The things about stumpings are that many spin bowlers do not plan for it. They simply see it as something that happens when the batsmen charges them and misses the ball.

While I do love the fact when a batsman looks silly after charging me and getting stumped you do not have to wait for moments like this to get them stumped.


You should plan stumpings like you plan any other dismissal.

Here are a few way you can plan stumpings:

  • Draw the batsman forward over a few overs. Make sure he knows that every ball you bowl he has to reach forward. Once he is in the groove of doing that, slip the ball quicker down the leg side. What you are trying to do is catch him off balance when he is on the front foot. If you did your job right he will be, and lift that back foot.
  • If a batsman likes using his feet and advancing all the time you should slow it down. Have him come forward to you for a few balls, then toss it up a little higher, slower and wider. Beat him on the outside because he is too early in the shot.
  • If you are an offie, a better option than the above is to do the same but send through a quicker one down leg or very wide on the offside. You do not want to beat the batsman and then the ball just safely crashes into his body. You need to beat him with a quicker ball on either side.

And of course, in all of this you need to let your keeper know what your plans are. He is crucial in all of this!

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Applying pressures is of course the key to achieving the stumping. A loose ball or two will relieve all pressure and then the chances of getting a stumping are minimized. Tying the batsman down will force him to try and attack you is he wants runs. Unfortunately it's difficult if your captain sets a bad field or if you bowl marginally off line.