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Stumpings: Use these First-Class Secrets to Unlock Your Potential to Change Games

A good stumping changes a game and makes the keeper look like a hero. But miss a chance and everyone looks at you out of the corner of their eye like you have just insulted their mother.

Top quality keepers know what to do to make sure there is much more of the former than the latter. You would think there was some complicated method, but it’s so simple you might not even believe it.

Once you know the drills and methods used by first-class keepers you will wonder how you ever got in a tangle about stumpings.

For the first time ever these drills are being taken from behind the closed doors of indoor schools at county venues.

And I want to give you a sneak preview for free.

When you put your email address in the box below I’ll send you a free report and worksheet that shows you exactly how you can take more stumpings.

In the free report you will learn:
  • The key technical points required for a good stumping
  • How to stay focused through a long day in the field
  • How to avoid the most common cause of a missed chance
  • The best way to setup practice to get more stumpings regularly

The sheet allows you to work through your own game, decide what you need to work on most and shows you exactly how you can do it. Best of all it’s all for nothing because I want you to know the quality of this new course.

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About Adrian Shaw

With over 20 years experience playing and coaching at first-class level, Adrian has tried every trick in the book to get the best from himself and the keepers he coaches. He has honed his technique down to proven drills. After a long career with Glamorgan CCC in the County Championship, He is currently an ECB Level 4 Coach and Director of Cricket at Neath CC. Last year, 14 of his 33 dismissals were stumpings (in 14 league matches).


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