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How to reduce nerves

Butterflies in the stomach, shaking hands, anxiety and lack of confidence are all signs of performance reducing nerves.

While to causes and effects of nervousness are complex, there are certain simple tricks to control your tension and make it work for you.

How to control tension before cricket

You can use a simple technique at any rest point before or during a game. For example: The night before a game, in between deliveries or while waiting to bat.

  • Get in a comfortable standing or sitting position
  • Take a deep breath in through the nose, concentrating on relaxing your face muscles
  • Slowly breath out through your mouth, concentrating on relaxing the rest of your body (particularly your arms and legs)
  • Think something general and positive like 'the top of off-stump' or 'watch the ball'

This can be repeated as many times as possible or desired to help you focus and relax.


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if you are getting nervous have a walk to square leg... works for me and it annoys the fielding side aswell lol

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