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How to stretch after bowling

Admit it, you don’t stretch enough.

Stretching is like drinking more water. You know you should do it, but you never seem to get round to it.

But if you do aim to stretch more in future then why not get a head start with a stretching series from the cutting edge by strength coach Eric Cressey?

Cressey spends a lot of time working with baseball players and has come up with a proven series of stretches to help baseball pitchers stretch after throwing in practice or games.

While there are several differences between baseball pitching and cricket bowling, the similarities are more common, so as a bowler you can use this series of stretches for after your sessions in the nets or after games.

It’s a pdf file that you can download by clicking here.

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hi im 14 year old all rounder who plays for my county. iv got a problem because i have been accused of chucking but a lot of people have said that im perfectly legal. the only problem is i bend my back and put enormous side ways strain on my back to keep my arm straight as possible. my arm is slightly bent naturally and im just not sure how to bowl at the moment. Also my wrist is almost always pointed for the inswinger when it ry bowl quick. ive just lost it. another problem is im in the middle of my county assessments and my batting has improves loads. but i love to bowl and i want to bowl fast. i bowl massive inswingers and if the conditions are right bowl outswing aswell (used to). im ready to change my action (not that i really have one at the moment) if necessary. im right handed fast medium. thanks :} :} :}

p.s. a couple of years ago my action was fine but i was not quick. im about 5,4to 5,5 feet tall.

Interesting problem, but here is not really the place to discuss it. Can you put a video up?

ill try thanks alot. where do i post it and do i send it to you.

Sorry to butt in here... but this is a really interesting issue. If you send David a video, perhaps he will let me have a look too (?)

Out of curiosity, who tells you that your action is illegal and who tells you it is OK? What do the county coaches say?

I have to say, I am more concerned about your back and would love to see the video.

Be very careful that you do not change your action for the worse, for no reason at all.

Throw it up on youtube (private if you like) and email it to me. I would be inclined to agree with Liz - saying an action illegal is dodgy ground for the human eye.

well, the county coaches say that my back will be knackered by the time im 20. My club coach says that aswell as hurting my back my wrist is being angled down the leg side. What is exiting though is that in the last county assessments( a couple of days ago) i bowled an inswinger, then an ouswinger!!! You see, as i bowled fronton/midway, the coaches are telling me to bowl side on to get alined and to bowl with pace with that exposion to get from side on to release the ball in a front on position.(i think thats what you are supposed to do isnt it). The result was that, according to the county coach, was that the bending of the back was slightly relieved. To be honest though im not sure what to bowl so ill try my best to get a video posted but the weather is not the best and im not sure that im going to the indoor nets anytime soon. tnx

oh, to who has accused me. The most contraversial was when i found the outside edge of the opposition batsmen. He didnt walk insisting that i had bent my arm and in the end their coach made him walk. i cant remember at what level that was.

i agree with what the others have said, worry less about your arm being bent and more about the strain about your back because the arm will be a lot easier to change than if you set in with a bad action for your back. I'm 16 now and i have a bad bowling action for my back and it is harder to get out of it now that I'm a bit older