How to use nets to become a better batsman | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to use nets to become a better batsman

Everyone goes to nets in the hope of finding form and improving technique. But the way most people do it is totally ineffective.

But Gary Palmer takes things totally differently.

In this short video, Gary explains how he uses nets at his CCM Academy to make significant and noticeable differences to players technique, mental approach and run scoring ability.

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In the video Gary talks about:
  • How new players feel experiencing the way nets are run
  • Progressions used to develop sound technique
  • How to net to avoid the common mistake of ‘falling over’
  • Why it’s important to be able to understand your own technique
  • Game planning scenarios in nets
  • What to do when you get mentally and physically tired

If you are a talented young cricketer in the UK and would like to improve your batting with Gary Palmer you can attend a CCM Academy 15 day winter programme.

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Hi there,

This is a good video, but what about those of us not blessed with such time and resources? Nets for most teams involves a 15 minute bat against old, soft balls in rickety old nets, with most bowlers bowling filthy, lazy off spin. How do I make the most of this situation?

There are many ways if you have the right attitude (which it sounds like you do). Do a search on here for "nets" or buy my preseason eBook.

Hi there,

I am from USA and i would like to improve my batting skills even further with you guys, but not just by using ebooks as i dont have good equipment available here in nets. i would like to come to UK for 2 3 weeks to get onsite coaching, what is the procedure to get that and how much it will cost me?