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Improve "Weight Transfer" with This Simple Drill

What are the commentators on TV really talking about when they discuss a batsman "transferring his weight into the ball"?


It's not coaching double-speak, it allows you to hit the ball harder in front foot shots. That's the miracle of Newtonian physics: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

But to get the reaction you need to have your weight forward. We used to say that you have to get your head over the ball. Nowadays that implies things we don't want to coach so we talk about getting weight into the ball.

That way, the advice applies to players with a great big stride - like Ricky Ponting - and players with virtually no stride like Virender Sehwag. They both get their weight into the shot. They both hit the ball with power and timing.

Here's an example from a club player:

All this theory chatter is good, but how do you teach it?

Some players will get it from a simple demo and some underarm feeds, but others need to feel the position before it locks into their brain.

For these players you can simply get them to stand in their stance with no bat while you drop a tennis ball at a half volley length:


The player leans forward and catches it, getting a feel for the most balanced and aligned head position.

After this you can progress the drill to a feed, where the player catches the ball.

Although this is a very simple drill, it is very effective for players having trouble with the idea of "weight into the ball" and it will help you improve their shot execution in just a few minutes of work.

Give it a try!

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