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Improve your Twenty20 tactics in 5 minutes

Improve your T20 Tactics PresentationIn my opinion, the formula for winning a T20 or 50 over game is the same for most cricket teams (i.e. everyone playing below the 1st Class level).

At the very top, I think we are looking at extremely gifted athletes who can make changes to their techniques. The rest of us should really be trying to alter our mindsets rather than our techniques.

To help illustrate this I have prepared a short presentation on some of the tactics and mindsets I coach players in Twenty20 cricket. The topics I cover include:

  • 5 Things Successful One Day Sides Do Well
  • Batting Strategies
  • Running Between the Wickets
  • Efficiency of Fielding

Click here to view the Twenty20 presentation in your browser. Its 5 minutes long.

By the way, this is an small experiment to see how popular an interactive presentation is compared to our more traditional articles. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of the format.


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wat we have to learn in 5 minits their no updated news in this blog just up date the news at least

Click on this link to see the presentation Stefan. Is that what you mean?

Great little slide , which offers much of the information needed, great work guys!

Really liked the presentation... so much so that i e-mailed it to our colts at the club, think things like this are really useful as the points made are so basic and simple but yet so forgettable.

I think these kind of presentations should be played in a changing room before a match. Good work!

Feel free to pass it around as much as you like! As long as everyone knows it came from pitchvision and activate.

Dear David, i really admire the work you are doing in the field of cricket coaching.congrats. you are certainly taking this game to a new level.keep it up!