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Indian Cricket Fitness Gym Workout

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Everyone knows how important it is to be fit as a cricketer. Modern Indian professionals now train in the gym 3-4 times a week regularly. Even the old school stalwart Rahul Dravid once said "It's important to stay and look fit to be able to play for the country."

And The Wall is absolutely right.

However, the problem is one of frustration.

Despite their being more gyms than ever, there is still a lack of knowledge of the best way to train.

Personal trainers are more concerned with fat loss or body building rather than improving bowling speed or preventing injury. Yoga helps with flexibility and mental focus but can't assist in hitting sixes.

And of course cricket coaches have little access to equipment or knowledge beyond skill development.

It leaves you as a player to work out the details for yourself.

That is, until now, where here at PitchVision Academy we have worked to develop a programme specifically designed for cricketers in India with access to a gym facility.

The workout will improve your strength without making you bulky. It will help with your stamina without endless boring jogs in the heat.

And most importantly, it will keep you on the pitch by stopping preventable injuries.

You can see the programme as a spreadsheet: click here.

It's a 3 day plan that lasts 4 weeks, although you can begin it again if you want it to last 8 week. During that time you will see excellent improvements in general work capacity and power. This will lead to better performances on the field.

And that's a direct link between the gym and your aim of more runs and wickets.

Remember, as will all programmes, it's important to apply common sense and use your own awareness of your body to guide you. If in doubt about your own ability to perform any aspect of the plan then consult a doctor or professional trainer before beginning. Also, regardless of your personal situation, always warm up first and cool down after training.

But with that bit of common sense in mind, click here for the plan.

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I am 16 year old right hand batsman and right arm medium-fast bowler.Please advice me that how can i join your academy for the betterment of my present game.


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Lakhan Chawla.

i want to know that the work out of an indian cricketer and i am also taking the guidence of a coch for an future cricketer so want the tips in physical activities