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Inside the Master Stroke Academy Mumbai

If you want to understand how deep passions run for cricket in Mumbai, just go to an Academy and watch young cricketers desperate for a chance to be the next Tendulkar.

But an Academy that has little success rarely lasts long. To succeed, the coaches need to have an even deeper passion than their charges. They need to be mindful and knowledgeable.

One such place runs in the suburbs of the city; Master Stroke Academy run by Tejas Kanani.


The Academy has 60 young players who practice twice a week year round and takes in up to 80 others during the school holidays.

This practice in intense for the coaches, who are developing their skills and their players day in, day out. Its no wonder Indian coaches are regarded worldwide as some of the most thoughful and knowledgeable at bringing young players through.

Master Stroke is a perfect example of this, having sent 3 under 12 players through to selection for Mumbai this season.

When I caught up with Tejas he was between sessions, and you could hear the passion in his voice as he told me the secrets of his Academy's ability to send well-rounded cricketers to local clubs.

Tejas Kanani 

The most important point for him is the atmosphere. Cricket is very individual when it comes to batting and bowling, but it is still a team game, and a team culture will make or break a side.

Tejas told me that the culture at Master Stroke was one where every player supported every other player. No youngster laughed at another's mistakes, and effort in adversity is rewarded as much as runs and wickets.

Talented boys are pushed hard, often being set up an age-group level to see how they perform against more mature boys. This tests both their technique and their grit.

For me, this is where others can learn from Master Stroke. Many Academies, coaches and players concentrate heavily on skill and are fearful of exposing young cricketers to failure. But cricket is not just a game of skilful success.

In order to become the next International you need to have experienced failures and been tested at an appropriate level. This creates mentally tough, flexible cricketers with game-sense and self-awareness. So, think a little more like Master Stroke and develop yourself or your players with grit as well as technique.

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