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It’s not OK to be a fat cricketer

England and Kent batsman Rob Key is an extremely talented player (ask King Cricket). It can also be said that he has sometimes carried a little extra weight.

He still managed a Test double century, so surely being a bit of a podge is no barrier to success?

It's bad news I'm afraid.

Chances are you are nowhere near as talented as Rob Key (and even the tubby faced maestro has shed some pounds in order to fight back into England contention).

He knows carrying extra pounds means a drop in performance. Even if his talent can take up the slack.

I know I don't have the same talent to back me up, so I need every trick in the book to get me better on the field. You may well feel the same.

That means it's not OK to be a fat cricketer.

Fortunately, it's easier than you think to lose weight and get fit for cricket (and for life).

You can start by going over my posts on cricket fitness and nutrition. There is loads to be found in the archives with a quick search.

Then you can subscribe for free to get regular cricket updates and keep yourself motivated.

Your average (as well as your health) will thank you come the end of the season.

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nice post mate. recently made a trip to the gym and started a program incorporating elements of your Husker Cricket program so things are looking good in that department.

Also.. tried out some of the canadian fielding drills you posted earlier in the week at tonight's training and they were a hit!

Well worded - it can be a sensitive issue.

Jason - Good to know it's having an effect! How is the side doing?

Scott - I don't know if I would say it to anyone's face!

dave: we managed our first win for the season last week. Its been a tough year with our club struggling for numbers across our five sides. I played in the winning side, opening the batting (with an abysmal 5) and the bowling returning figures of 2 for 31 off 14 overs. For my effort I've been promoted to the top side as a bowling allrounder which is just fine by me Eye-wink

as for the fat and fitness issue, I agree wholeheartedly. The benefits of shedding 5 kilos are countless and thats not even mentioning off-field factors. The reality is that most people go about weight loss the wrong way. It really is a simple equation of Energy in vs Energy out and and too many people take the easy way out and just try and restrict intake. Hard work the right way in terms of physical activity is really the only way and as you've mentioned, cricket being a power sport, isn't really the best way to lose weight. Hit the pool boys!

Well done mate, if it's any consolation we have exactly the same problem with numbers on this side of the planet too.

[...] Most cricketers I speak to have weight loss as their main goal. And why not? It’s good for your health, makes you look better and improves your cricket. [...]

[...] Why it’s not OK to be a fat cricketer. [...]

This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title s not OK to be a fat cricketer : Play Better Cricket - Thanks for informative article

Great post!
I have read heaps of them and they're relly good!

not true im fat and i play cricket, SO STICK THAT UP YOUR TAILPIPE AND SMOKE IT!!

What's not true?

This article is absolutely disgusting. The only thing that this article achieves is influencing young, vulnerable boys into thinking that they have to be stick thin in order to achieve their dreams of playing professional cricket. As a result, these talented children will undergo drastic measures in order to comply with your stupid beliefs. Shame on you.

I think it depends on how far you go as cricketer.

Rob Key would be no better as a batsman if he had no fat on him at all - he has a quality batting technique. However, given the focus on T20 & one day as money making excersises for counties, younger players will be required to be fit, quick & strong because that is what the game is about nowadays. I'd imagine that someone with a great technique would still be recruited & then would be 'trimmed down' by the counties - lucky for Rob Key he was established as a great bat before T20 became such a power.

Personally, having gone through the trials & under 18 county scene, I would say that the chance of being the next KP is so slim, I would focus on enjoying the game & if you make it, then worry about how fit you are. Just make sure you pass on your share of the cakes at tea to those of us who don't worry about how defined our 6 packs are!

Are you suggesting players should fatten themselves up Daneille? Do you think being unhealthy is the road to success? I don't think you think either of those, so why suggest it?

davidhinc she is suggesting that players should fatten up she is just stating that by telling people that the only way you can make it in sport is by being skinny this is only going to cause kids to become bulimic and anorexia which im sure you would agree this would be worse for them rather than being a bit podge. as paul said if you have the skills then someone will take you on and work on you in the proper way. for all the others that are not going to get any further that village cricket its not going to make much of a differance if your podge or not

I agree, telling people the only way to make it in sport is by being stick thin is not only wrong, it's foolhardy. Which is why I would never tell anyone such rubbish.

Look, the reality of the situation is that cricket at the top level and even state levels and county levels has become an extremely fit and conditioned sport. This article is to try and show people that the benefits of being fit when playing sport is really worth the effort and chances are, Rob Key would have been even better if he was fit.

And I do not recall any mention of stick thin or anorexic, kids and young people as well as old must try and stay a good weight to achieve to their highest potential.

Think of what key could of achieved had he been able to resist the pies and been less lazy. Waste of talent in my view, but I'm sure lardy key won't live long enough to wonder what if! Shame!