Solve Your Cricket Problems, Join the Conversation: Live PitchVision Chat on Thursday! | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Solve Your Cricket Problems, Join the Conversation: Live PitchVision Chat on Thursday!

Join PitchVision Director of Coaching, David Hinchliffe, this Thursday as he chats with you and answers your coaching questions, live!


Whether you are a coach or a player, there is a problem you have that needs a solution. Now you can interact with PitchVision to have your questions answered live.

The event will be streamed live on Facebook and PitchVision on Thursday 20th October at 3pm (IST), 10:30am (BST), 8:30pm (AEST).

And it gets better!

There is also a chance to win a prize if your question gets answered. From online coaching courses to straight up merchandise, two winners will be selected on the day for the giveaway.

So how do you get on board?

Simply post a question here on the comments section.

Make sure you also post your PitchVision username if you also want to win a prize.

You can send your questions any time before things start, or during the show. When the live stream ends, there will be special additional content recorded for PitchVision members who can view the entire full-length show with even more questions answered.

What questions can you ask?

Anything to do with cricket coaching or improving your game. From controversial issues to technical pointers. Here are a few topics to spark your mind:

  • Improving bowling speed.
  • Drill ideas for beginner players.
  • Picking up more quick singles.
  • Building mental toughness.
  • Driving on the ground.
  • Becoming a professional.
  • Raising standards in a cricket club.
  • Team building.
  • Playing unorthodox shots safely.
  • Getting more loop and dip as a spinner.

Or, anything else related to improving your game, or the game of others.

You can also join the discussion as it goes on live, so if you have better or different answers from the ones you hear, you can chime in!

Don’t miss out, set your alarm for Thursday 20th October and join the conversation!

Leave your comments and questions for the show below.

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Hi guys,

Have you got any advice on when playing unorthodox shots (switch hits, scoops, reverse sweeps etc), how to play them effectively, safely and with maximum power and control?