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Martin Crowe’s Batting Masterclass

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Martin Crowe's Batting Masterclass

Coaching DVDs are a bit like Aerobics videos. They sound like a good idea at the time, but often less useful as practical aids.

Martin Crowe's Batting Masterclass is a straight up batting technique DVD along these lines. If you are going to get coached on batting it may as well be by a bloke with 71 first class centuries and a Test average of over 45.

So while it is limited by being a video, if you want a detailed reference guide to the fundamentals of batting, this is for you. Its certainly clearer than the MCC Masterclass video.

Plus Martins shorts are worth the entrance fee alone.

There are also some tips an intermediate/advanced player could pick up on. Here are some samples:

  • Your bat should feel like an extension of your arm.
  • Batting is about going forward until you are forced back.
  • Dont make an initial movement, stay still then go right forward or back.
  • Judge the length earlier by focussing on the area above his head from where the ball will be delivered, looking for the seam.
  • When coming down the wicket to spinners, look for a flighted, slow turning ball to minimise risk.
  • The sweep is safer on a turning pitch than playing straight drives.
  • Going over the top is driven by timing and lofted follow-through, not a raised head.
  • Concentration is vital. Learn to switch off and on between deliveries.
  • Set small run targets to help build an innings: Bat in 10s.

There are more tips on the DVD so dont just read this post, head to Amazon and buy it or rent it. I was reminded of a few basics and was interested in some of his opinions.

Have you got this DVD? Drop me a line and let me know what you thought.

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can you please advise where i can get either a couching manual or coachung dvd for a pro 20 format. to be used by a coach