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More or less? A simple guide to cricket nutrition

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You know the importance of good nutrition on your cricket, but are you tired of the complexities eating rules? Here are some simple strategies laid out in a simple fashion. More or less.


  • Eat more healthy fats. Fat has a bad rap. Fats from nuts, fish oil, flax, avocados and olive oil have proven health benefits, including body fat loss.
  • Eat more vegetables. You can't eat too many veggies, they have a million benefits. 5 portions are the minimum per day but shoot for 10-15. Yes that much!
  • Eat more lean meat. Lean meat has lots of protein and lots of nutritional benefits. Aim for a portion of lean meat (or protein powder or eggs) at each meal.
  • Cook more often. Home cooked food is better for you than stuff made in a factory and laden down with trans fats and salt. With a bit of planning it's easy.


  • Eat less starchy carbohydrates. Carbs are not the enemy but we tend to eat too many as a general rule. Save the cereal, bread, pasta and potatoes for after training. Have an omelette for breakfast.
  • Eat less fruit. Fruit is not a replacement for veggies but it is good for you. A couple of pieces a day is more than enough for most.
  • Drink less calorie containing drinks. Any drinks with calories can lead to fat gain.

Simple eh?

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