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It’s an eclectic newsletter this week as we fill in the gaps around the world of cricket.

We discuss scoring, the gap between junior and senior cricket and have a simple but effective warm up drill for any age cricketer. Plus Gary Palmer is back with more batting tips on the podcast.

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Fielding Drills: Fielding Warm Up

This drill is part of the PitchVision Academy fielding drills series, for more in this series click here.

Purpose:  A team warm up drill that improves mobility and increase heart rate while including a catch and throw.

Description:  The player at position A walks up to the blue cone gate. The coach or keeper underarms the ball to player A who catches the ball and throws it to the player at position B. He or she then follows the ball to position B at walking pace.

The player at position B returns the ball to the coach/keeper and walks to the cone at position C performing a mobility drill (see below), then return to the queue at position A.

As the drill progresses increase the tempo by making players jog, then run to positions.

Mobility Drills:

Here are some example movements to improve mobility and running technique:

  • Forward Lunge
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Side Linge
  • High Knee Walk
  • Straight Leg Deadlift Walk
  • Toy Soliders
  • Inchworm/Crawl
  • Spiderman Crawl
  • High Knee Skip
  • Lateral skips
  • Carioca
  • Heel Ups
  • Forward Sprint and touch cone
  • Backwards Run
  • Backpedal 


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  • The techniques used by the world’s finest wicketkeepers to smoothly dismiss batsmen with a swift dislodging of a single bail, even with difficult leg side takes.
  • How to analyse the best time to stay back and the best time to come up when a medium pacer is on
  • How to be a leader in the field to your team-mates and how far to go with sledging opposition batsmen
  • Much more

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Cricket Show 104: Pretend it’s Not Your Go

Skyer bats, the World Cup and robotic batting are the themes of the show this week. Burner’s gives us his tips on how to avoid breaking a finger at fielding practice and we talk about PitchVision at the World Cup.

We also look in detail at some coaching questions. We discuss the role of hand speed in bowling pace and find out how to nurdle the ball around like a one day international cricketer.

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Scoring is Dead

With her flask of tea, well sharpened pencils and unflinching concentration, the scorer is a cornerstone of club cricket. Despite her loyalty, a cricket team bent on success needs more than a tidy book and timely averages at the end of the season.

How to Bridge the Gap Between Junior and Senior Cricket

Do you remember the first game of adult cricket you played?

It’s quite a shock to the system. One day a youngster brought up on 20 over evening cricket against teenagers is asked to play for 50 or more overs in the afternoon sunshine. It takes time to adapt physically and mentally.

Often, players asked to make this jump take one look at the chasm (the time it takes, the snarling full grown men) and decide not to even try. They are lost to the game. It’s all the more sad when you see talented players fall by the wayside.


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