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This newsletter is the home of quality coaching advice. Just take a look at contributors this week: Des Haynes, Mark Garaway, Menno Gazendam (of Spin Bowling Project) and a mysterious new coach with a very high profile.

If you can’t learn something from one of that bunch of luminaries you need to consider another sport!

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Desmond Haynes Video: Why You Need a Low Backlift

This video is the 2nd free preview of the online coaching course Batting Lion: the Desmond Haynes Masterclass.

In this preview of the course the former-West Indies opener and batting coach talks about times when you would go against the traditional coaching manual and deliberately choose a low backlift.

But why would you when so many greats have used a high backlift to such success?

To view more free coaching videos from Des Haynes, click here

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Talent Wins Games, Teams Win Trophies

In cricket there is a reliance on individual performances to win games. But in the long run team strength will prosper over a couple of star players.

Below is an overview of the importance of team culture and how - by focusing as a collective - the team can give them the best chance of success.

The spirit of the team will be the foundation of your team.

During difficult times and during pressure, a team’s spirit can crumble.

Negativity enters the team’s mentality.

But by sticking together you will soon see this negativity disappear.

During a losing streak, it’s easy for the side to lose focus on how to win games, and just try not to lose, (trying to win and trying not to lose are very different things).

How to keep spirit in difficult times

Try briefing and debriefing before and after games together to understand the things that you did right and wrong as a collective.  As a team it is important everybody understands what things need to be worked on and what things can be continued.

Also encourage players taking personal responsibility to train.  You will have a struggled start, but eventually it will become infectious.

This was evident in the 2011 Twenty20 Leicestershire team who, during the pre-season, saw their training budget slashed by the county committee, leaving them with no option but to undergo their own training regime and support each other in this responsibility.

Under this self-responsibility, the level and effectiveness of their training increased as it enabled them to work on personal areas of development.

You can easily do the same with your team.

Yes it takes individual and team respect but get it right and the irradiation of negativity will be found naturally. 

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Cricket Show 140: Spin Bowling Project

We love spinners on the PitchVision Academy Cricket Show. It’s a long term campaign of the show to encourage more spinners who rip it, and less miserly slow-medium pacers.

So that’s why we have as author of Spin Bowling Project, Menno Gazendam on the show. The spin bowling coach gives us tips on getting more turn, staying positive after a batsman attacks you and keeping rhythm.

And, as usual, Mark Garaway and Burners join David Hinchliffe for the rest of the show where we discuss:

Why ECB Level 4 is just like The Apprentice. How to train for cricket in the snow. How to break into your county age-group summer squad

And the Boss jumps onto the line for a rant about public net facilities.

Let us know what you think. 

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Desmond Haynes Video: How to Play Swing Bowling

This free video is part of the online coaching course Batting Lion: the Desmond Haynes Masterclass.

In this preview of the course the former-West Indies opener and batting coach reveals his method for succeeding against bowlers who can swing it and find the edge of your bat.

If you have ever nicked off to a ball that swung late and spent the rest of the day muttering to yourself about how unfair the game is, this is the video for you.

Here’s an Alternative Technique to Combat Swing Bowling

It’s a muggy overcast day and the opening bowler is moving the new ball all over the place; you’re playing the ball as late as you can but are still struggling.

There’s only one thing left to do, and that is charge him!

It's not as crazy as it sounds, read on.

Swing bowling is the downfall of many prolific batsman; and late swing is the most destructive weapon in a bowlers armoury.

Playing in an orthodox way you have no way to counteract the evils of the ball moving late and nicking off. Until you consider moving down the track.


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