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If you like Kevin Pietersen you will love this edition of the newsletter. Not only is there part 2 of the audio interview with KP in the Cricket Show, but there is a worksheet taken from Keep Calm and Smash It.

Speaking of KP’s online coaching course - that features a complete eBook, streaming videos and content - it is out now. Make sure you enrol.

Have a great weekend,

David Hinchliffe

PitchVision Academy Becomes the Official Home of Kevin Pietersen Online Coaching

I ‘m delighted to announce that Kevin Pietersen’s online coaching courses Keep Calm and Smash It are now available exclusively on PitchVision Academy.

As you know, back in January we announced KP was revealing his methods in his first ever online coaching courses. And since then it’s been a feast of KP action on the site as a preview to the main event.

Now the wait is over: Keep Calm and Smash It courses are now available.

Click here to enrol.


Get them while they are hot.

Production values have never been higher as the videos are professionally produced and the content never more accessible or relevant to your needs.

The best bit is that the courses have been designed to teach you to teach yourself. Worksheets allow you to customise KP’s advice to your specific situation so you can make the most of every training session.

A current international has never talked in such detail while still being involved in the international setup.

Finally, no coaching book has ever taught you how to play KPs famous switch hit. Now you can learn it from the man himself.

Click here 

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Free Kevin Pietersen Batting Worksheet

It’s time for another free preview of Kevin Pietersen’s online coaching course: Keep Calm and Smash It.

As you know, KP is well known for his commitment to practice, and leaving no stone unturned in his quest for excellence.

How do you emulate that?

In Keep Calm and Smash It Kevin Pietersen gives you the tools to copy the practice methods that allowed him to reach the top. Part of that method is documenting where you are and recording your improvements.

That’s where the comprehensive course worksheets come in.

And in this preview KP is giving away the exact worksheet that comes with Chapter 1 of the course.


Click here to download the pdf now. It's an instant download, nothing to pay.

All you need to do is fill it in and track your progress as you improve.

The sheet allows you to:
  • Review your current technique for both strengths and weaknesses
  • Correct and improve technique by reviewing each practice session
  • Complete specific practice sessions to prepare for specific opposition

Of course, it’s not the complete set – when you buy Keep Calm and Smash It  you get that set, along with the videos, interactive guides, forum and a comprehensive FAQ section.

If you are not motivated to practive harder and improve with all that on your side then you need to think about another sport!

Click here to download the free sample batting worksheet from Kevin Pietersen

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Cricket Show 152: Kevin Pietersen Interview (Part 2)

As part of the launch of Kevin Pietersen’s Keep Calm and Smash It online videos and eBook, the show has a distinct KP feel.

The main interview is part 2 of the chat we had with KP (click here for part 1).

The questions section also has a batting bent; as six hitting and putting away bad balls on the back foot is discussed. Plus we look at how a top performing International like Kevin reviews past tours and looks to the future with intent.

How to Get in Touch With the Show

Our contact email can be found here.

Use our twitter or facebook accounts.

Or you can call and leave a message (it’s an answer phone, not manned but we check it every day). If it’s a good story or question we will call you back for a chat.

  • UK  +44 (0) 208 816 7691
  • AUST: +61 (02) 8005 7925
  • USA: +1 347 722 1981

How to Listen to the Show

You can download the show onto your computer by right clicking on the link below and choosing "Save Target as..."

You can also subscribe to the show:

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If you don't use iTunes You can add the feed manually.

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