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There are 2 videos for your enjoyment this weekm as Gary Palmer takes us through a net session and gives you an insight into first-class batting coaching.

Plus we talk spin bowling philosophy with Menno Gazendam and lunges with Mark Garaway.

Have a great weekend,

David Hinchliffe

Gary Palmer's Video Analysis

Gary Palmer has a new online coaching course up on PitchVision Academy where he reveals all the secrets of his latest system - 4 Angles.

In this 2nd free preview video, Gary looks a t ayoung batsman's technique to find out how 4 Anglescan help him.

Click here to view the video now.

For more free videos, audio and resources from Gary Palmer - click here.

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Lunge Your Way to Cricketing Success

Last week we discussed the power of the lunge pattern in improving cricket performance. This week we look at the technique for good lunging.

The forward lunge simulates movements that we make in cricket when we bat, bowl, field and keep wicket as well as being the starting point for the development of speed and stability: two vital components within any athletic performance.



 Cricket lunge technique

  1. Starting in an upright, standing position, lunge the right foot forward.
  2. Lower the body so the left knee forms a 90-degree angle with your thigh parallel with the floor.
  3. Your right foot stays back with only the toes in contact with the floor.
  4. The majority of your body weight rests on the front leg, with your back leg providing stability.
  5. Raise and lower your body, keeping your feet in place.
  6. The left leg then steps back to the starting position.

Concentrate on being stable on your landing on your front leg and when you return to the standing position. This can be achieved through being strong in your core, which is why this exercise is brilliant for cricketers, especially fast bowlers.

Perform the same number of repetitions on the right leg as you did with the right.

Injury prevention considerations

  1. Keep your back straight with your head looking forward for correct posture.
  2. Breathe throughout the lunge movement, with the inhale on the way down and the exhale on the way back up.

Variations and progressions

It's easy to add movements to make a hybrid exercise that adds more core and upper body work. Master the basic lunge pattern first then you can add movements like:

  • Lunge with bicep curl
  • Lunge with shoulder press
  • Lunge with lateral shoulder raise

The rotator cuff is a crucial muscle that often becomes injured in pre-season or early season when fielders “throw their shoulder out”. baseball players, javelin throwers and fielders spend significant time working this small, yet vital muscle group.

Lateral raises are a useful way to engage the cuff as part of a complete shoulder health programme.

Next week, once you have mastered these core Lunge movements we shall incorporate some more progressive lunge movements that simulate cricket movements in fielding, batting and bowling.

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Cricket Show 174: Captaincy Art, Captaincy Science

Captaincy and tactics have become much more scientific and evidence-based at the top level. This week we discuss what this means for the club and school captain, coach (and the poor old scorer).

We also answer questions on how to adjust the training culture in your side and bowling to batsman's weaknesses.

Turns out you might not even need to. Listen to the show to find out more.


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It's OK to Ask to Bowl More

Menno Gazendam is author of the popular Spin Bowling Project.

Here's a question I got from a reader;

"I don’t get much bowling opportunity in the game. And when I do, one mistake and I am off".

This is a very common complaint.

Free Video Reveals: Gary Palmer's Batting Secrets

Gary Palmer has a new online coaching course up on PitchVision Academy where he reveals all the secrets of his latest system - 4 Angles.

In this free preview video, Gary talks you through the 4 Angles system and why it trumps the methods that are currently being used by coaches.


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