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We take a fresh look at some older favourites in this newsletter. Toby Radford talks us through trigger moves, Mark Garaway has a new take on target bowling and there is a good discussion on how to throw to the keeper in the Cricket Show.

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The Secret to an Effective Trigger Move


Toby Radford from Serious Cricket has another batting tip to help you score more runs.

When you face really fast bowling you can move just before the bowler releases the ball to get yourself fired up and ready to move forward or back.

This pre-delivery or trigger move is subject to a lot of thought by batsmen around the world, but what is the best way to use a trigger move?

Some batters like to have a small press forward with their front foot. Others prefer to go back and across. And in fact there is no wrong way as long as it works for you.

However, the secret is not what you do with your feet at all.

The important part of your trigger move is that you keep your head still.

Problems with picking up line and length happen if your head is still moving after the ball is released. Of course, if you have a trigger moce you are increasing the chances of excessive head movement.

So think of your head as a camera. If it is moving you are making the image blurry and making it harder to pick up the ball coming down.

For more batting video tips, enrol on the online coaching course Toby Radford on Batting

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The Fast Bowling Talent Test

Many of the leading Cricket nations now use "Talent Testing" for 13 and upwards as a part of their talent identification process. I want to show you how to use some of these tests in your coaching.

Here is the first of the talent test drills that you can use to test players and then provide feedback that improves performance. What's not to love?


The Knockout Bowling Test

Set Up

  1. Place/Fix 2 cones to the back of the net at head height.
  2. Place/Fix 1 cone to the top of Off Stump (RH) and 1 Cone to the top of Off Stump (LH)
  3. Place/Fix 2 cones to the crease line in front of the stumps (Yorker)


  • The bowler has 6 attempts to hit the first target (Top of OFF to RH)
  • As soon as they hit the target they progress to the second target.
  • Should the bowler fail to hit the first target in 6 deliveries then the test is terminated and the bowler does not bowl at subsequent targets.
  • lt is possible to complete the test in 4 deliveries, equally it is possible to complete the test in 24 deliveries or anywhere in-between


The target order and scoresheet is defined below:

Make it competitive

Keeping ladders or league tables is a great thing to monitor performance gains and maintain internal competition within your group.

You may find that the combination of your practice KPI's and Match KPI's then leads to enhanced selection conversations and possibly impact upon selection/deployment of your bowlers.

The pressure of competition is a great thing to simulate and building the tension ahead of the tests helps to create that competitive environment. This can be achieved by establishing rewards/consequences for performance.

An example of this could be ladder leader finishing the session and returning to the changing rooms without having to help clear up the kit whilst the others tidy the pitch area or hall that your working in.

You will have players who don't get past Target 1 initially. Keep the score for monitoring and this score can be used motivationally when the player does it next time. Any progress builds confidence. If a player completes the Knockout Test then their aim for next time is to trim a couple of balls off his/her score.

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Cricket Show 190: Throwing Over the Stumps

Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe host cricket chat about a range of topics including Gara's tour to Dubai, fast bowling and a mysterious appearance from Burners.

The this week are about throwing on the bounce (or not) and a player with a great front foot game, but terrible back foot play.

Also listen out for Martin Gleeson of Cricket India Academy direct from Kabul to find out more about Afganistan cricket.


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How England Beat India at Their Own Game (and What You Can Learn as a Cricketer)

The pitch for the 2nd Test between England and India was a raging turner. England's batsmen notoriously weak against spin while India went in with 3 spinners.

So why did India lose?

And how can you make sure your own team doesn't suffer a similar fate?

We have all been there; arriving at a pitch that seems tailor-made for your strengths. It's even better when you look at the opposition and realise they struggle in the key match-ups.

Inside the Master Stroke Academy Mumbai

If you want to understand how deep passions run for cricket in Mumbai, just go to an Academy and watch young cricketers desperate for a chance to be the next Tendulkar.

But an Academy that has little success rarely lasts long. To succeed, the coaches need to have an even deeper passion than their charges. They need to be mindful and knowledgeable.


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