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The big guns come out this week in the newsletter with a detailed presentation with batting coach Gary Palmer, a special offer from Menno Gazendam, an analysis of Jadeja's development and of course the ever-reliable and talented Mark Garaway.

With a galactic line-up like that, you never need to go anywhere else for cricket coaching and advice!

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High Impact Technical Batting Coaching


Gary Palmer is bucking the trend in batting coaching. His coaching combines classical techniques with innovative methods.

It's a delicate balance, but Gary walks the tightrope efficiently between the old and the new, picking the best from both and coming up with ideas like The Great Batting Hoax and 4 Angles.

So what is Gary Palmer; an old school coach who believes one size fits all, or an innovator who is constantly researching new ways to help batters improve?

Gary has come up with a presentation that helps you learn the truth.


Click here to view High Impact Technical Coaching

High Impact Batting Coaching Video

The slides outline Gary's views on,

  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Sir Viv Richards and ABC of Batting
  • Outcome Based Coaching
  • Improving Batsman's Skill Levels
  • Expectations for a Batting Session
  • Monitoring Improvements
  • The BEST Technique
  • The Perfect Shot
  • Measuring Kit for Batting ABC

Whether you coach or bat, there is plenty for you to consider in this guide. Click the link to view.

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How to Manage Groups of Different Abilities and Experiences

One of the biggest challenges I have faced this week is to cater for everyone's individual needs within a group of 20 children in Sardinia as part of a coaching camp.

We have a huge range of ages, abilities. Some players are trying cricket for a first time and others are already talented cricketers with aspirations of following my fellow coaches Paul Nixon and Dean Headley into International cricket.

Splitting players into groups

Each day we chose 3 groups of 6-8 and ensure that we change the motivation for the shifts from one group to another. The first day we did this around previous cricket experience (note we didn't mention ability), second day we grouped all the seam bowlers together, spinners and players who just wanted to focus on batting.

Today we are putting the most experienced players together in pairs with the little ones so they can learn from coping their peers and provide leadership opportunities for the more senior players.

Set up Games and Development Zones

We play a lot of games within our sessions. There is always a theme, for example yesterday we played a run out game for 2 teams with a relay throw between team-members before returning the ball to the keeper.

This was done for balls in the inner circle, following dives at point feeding the ball to the supporting fielder at cover who completes the run out. We also threw from the boundary to the inner ring, to the keeper for the run out.

We set up a throwing development zone off to the side of the game which allowed one of the coaches to pull players into the zone to work on a specific skill (stop/catch/throw) for a few minutes then reintroduced into the game with an enhanced and relevant skill.

Measure Success

We have 15 minutes every day where each player can earn points for performance. An example is a bowling skills test. Points are awarded for hitting a target on the pitch, points for hitting the stumps and a subjective score given by the coach for deviation of the pitch.

All the players were measured in 3 disciplines at the beginning of the week then again at the end of the week. We issue awards for people who improve most significantly (in %) in each discipline as well as an overall winner.

That way the awards don't always go to the best player but the players who have adapted and developed most over our 5 day course.

As with all clubs, awards are given to all players at the end of the week highlighting their individual and unique contribution to our time together. Some awards go to the best catch, the best celebration or the funniest moment.

Everyone goes away a better and more enthused player as a result.

Can any of the points here help you to manage and develop big groups of players in your clubs and schools?

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Cricket Show S4 Episode 13: Teaching 11 Year Olds to Switch Hit

Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe discuss the IPL players and teams to watch, as well as different tactics employed by different teams.

The team also answer questions on diet plans for fast bowlers and analyse how and when you introduce new shots to young cricketers. Should your under 11s learn how to ramp shot ans switch hit? Find out by listening to the show!


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Rock Star Spin: How to Develop Like Jadeja

What has cricket got to do with off-field antics?

Many commentators look at the example of Ravinda Jadeja's high living and scoff at it as a distraction from the serious business of scoring runs and taking wickets for India.

How can you succeed if spend your time riding motorbikes, driving fast cars and buying restaurants?

Celebrate IPL 6 by Becoming a Better Spinner and Saving Money

Menno Gazendam is the author of Spin Bowling Project.

For a limited time my popular spin bowling course, Spin Bowling Project, is available to everyone at a 75% discount!

The flash sale will only be available for a short time as part of the celebration of the start of the IPL 6 season. Spin bowling is vital to success in T20 cricket, and the best bowlers are often spinners in the short format.


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