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We have a mission in this newsletter to bring you insightful advice, amazing drills and incredible experiences. That's three boxes well and truly ticked by Nathan Bracken as he announces his Swing Bowling Masterclass this week.

You can find out all about it below.

Plus we talk fielding drills, bowling fast like a warrior and why traditional is the newest innovation.

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EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Bracken Announces Swing Bowling Masterclass


Learn Traditional Swing Bowling with a Modern Twist from World #1s New Online Coaching Course

Every year PitchVision Academy announce the big "summer" signing; the box office superstar who has been a game changer throughout his career.

This year we are delighted that former Aussie International Nathan Bracken will show you how to become a swing bowler with the skills to run through batting line-ups.

Click here for full details.

Bracken is famous for his skills as an ODI bowler. He swings the ball in both directions, keeps it tight when under attack and takes wickets at the death with powerful variations.

He reached the World #1 ODI bowler in 2008 with his versatile talents that lay the blueprint for modern limited over bowling. It was enough to win him a lucrative IPL contract.

But it is often forgotten that he also took over 200 first-class wickets for New South Wales and Australia, proving that if you can master the art of swing, you can succeed in all formats.

It's this combination of technical skill, mental toughness and the tactical adaptability that Bracken shows you how to emulate in his courses on PitchVision Academy.

The courses will be available on 9th May 2013, and to give you a taster we will be running free preview content right up until launch day.

The courses were filmed at the famous Sydney Cricket Ground, with detailed streaming video demonstrations of techniques and drills alongside an insightful interview that taps deeply into Bracken's thinking throughout his career.

Unlike a traditional coaching manual or DVD, you can interact with others on the course, take on the advice and video tips and apply them immediately by using the included personalised worksheets.

It's a Masterclass in the truest use of "master".

Remember the course is available from 9th May. Until then, make sure you are subscribed to the PitchVision Academy newsletter for free, exclusive tips direct from Nathan Bracken's course.

Find more details at Nathan Bracken's Exclusive Swing Bowling Masterclass page here on PitchVision Academy.

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Cricket Show S4 Episode 15: A Six Every 9 Balls

Burners rejoins David Hinchliffe and Mark Garaway to talk about the IPL, Sunil Narine, Chris Gayle and plenty of other cricket coaching chat.

Friend of the show Aakash Chopra's article on Narine is discussed in detail.


Plus we have another session in the mailbag. This time we look at bowling with a braced front leg:

We also discuss trial games for players and for coaches, and Burners has a doozy of a rant about throws!

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Perfect the 7 Man Unit to Squeeze the Life from Opponents

As you know, I love coaching fielding and perfecting elements of the game that gives teams the best chance of squeezing life out of the opposition batters and taking wickets.

One of the tactics I use to achieve this is the "7 man fielding unit". I challenge the team to commit at least 7 active players to each delivery that is hit into or through the inner ring.

This creates a positive mindset towards taking wickets, keeps everyone involved in each play, encourages fielders to throw down stumps for run outs without being worried about overthrows and to sends a message of intent to the opposition.

How does it work?

Here is a really basic example:

  • Fielders 1 & 2: The ball goes to an inner ring fielder (Fielder 1) then the fielder next to her (Fielder 2) moves to support the ball stopper in case they go to ground. The ball can then be flicked to the standing fielder to throw from a stronger and more powerful position.
  • Fielder 3: 1st Slip runs round to back up the keeper's end stumps.
  • Fielder 4:The keeper runs to the stumps to give an option for assisted run out
  • Fielder 5: Mid wicket runs to the bowlers end stumps to become the "bowlers end keeper" - or BEK - to give the option of an assisted run out. If a spinner is bowling then the bowler can become the BEK
  • Fielder 6: Mid on runs round to back up the stumps at the bowlers end.
  • Fielder 7: Deep Fine leg comes in towards the action to back up the keepers end for deflections off of the stumps that may evade the 1st slip who is backing up the initial throw.

7 man unit practice

Set up middle practices where the ball has to be thrown at the stumps for direct hits or assisted run outs every ball, even if the batter is safe.

It's great to practice hitting a keeper or BEK at appropriate heights as well as aiming for the base of the stumps.

Keep a tally of perfect executions; direct hits and assisted run outs and encourage the players to take ownership for their off the ball running if the ball goes to someone else.

Feel free to stop the practice any ball you like to assess the commitment and awareness of your fielders. You will find that after a couple of interventions that the players will start communicating more readily and move more instinctively.

I was asked the other day if this approach was tiring to fielders. The answer I gave was "Yes. for the unfit ones!"

Ultimately, we are only talking about committing to 10 yards or so to each ball that's connected with by the batter (around 60% of total deliveries in 50 over cricket).

So that's the equivalent of 1800 yards in 3 hours of cricket, not too much to ask for the obvious benefits is it?

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Bowl Like A Warrior This Weekend

This is an in-season training plan for club level fast bowlers from Steffan Jones.

You are not a professional cricketer, but you want to have the same impact as one when you walk out on Saturday afternoon.

You want batsmen to be nervous of your pace as the look round at how far back the keeper is standing to you.

Coaching the IPL: Despite the Hype, Traditional is Effective

If I was to ask you what you picture when you think of "swing bowling" what would you tell me?

Zaheer Khan and Chaminda Vaas bowling in World Cups?

Kapil Dev, Malcolm Marshall and Richard Hadlee bending the red ball round corners?

Perhaps you go back further to names like Barnes and Lindwall, where their length was as impeccable as the crease in their trousers.

But in Twenty20 a length ball is smashed over midwicket.

So swing bowling is dying.


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