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This newsletter is all about proper planning. You know what they say about it preventing poor performance? Well, it's true.

So Iain Brunnschweiler gives us some practice plans, Mark Garaway shows us how to use Ian Bell to become a better in nets, and we ask 4 simple questions that will send your planning to new heights of effectiveness.

Plus, the podcast returns with a new season and 30 minutes of cricket coaching audio to keep you going!

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4 Simple Steps to Having a Stellar Cricket Season


This is an exclusive excerpt from the Countdown to Summer eBook available for instant download on PitchVision Academy.

Everyone knows how important goals are to success during the season. What if you could use the same idea to make your pre-season go with a bang too?

It's often overlooked that the run up to the summer needs clear goals too. You might not be scoring runs and taking wickets, but you still need a focus, and writing down your preseason goals provides that.

So take up your pen and paper and start planning your preseason too.

Here are the questions you need to ask to get your goals in place:


1. What are you good at and what do you need to improve?

All journeys need a starting point, so work out where you are now. Do you have a great technique but need to toughen up mentally?

Are you tactically weak and not streetwise enough?

Do you have the fitness levels you need?

Look at the whole picture: technical, tactical, mental, fitness and practice methods.

Write down the areas you are doing well and also the things you want to improve.

2. Where do you want to be at the start of summer?

The next question is how different you want to be by the start of the summer. You might need to go very intense at strength training to improve your power output, or you may be happy with that and just need to develop a better on drive.

You may not be able to do everything, but you do need a stake in the ground that says "this is where I want to be when I start playing again". Otherwise you are not going to know when you get there.

3. How are you going to get there?

Now we start getting into the meat of things: what exactly do you need to do. If you want a slower ball, how many balls are you going to have to bowl in the nets? How many times are you going to hit the gym? What mental preparation are you doing?

These are the goals themselves and you need to take care that you write them down in ways that mean you can track them. They need to be specific and measurable: "Being fit" is not a goal, but "being able to do 10 chin ups and bench press 80kg by April 26th" is a perfect goal (as long as it is realistic).

4. When are you going to check your progress?

The final thing to look at is when to review your goals. Some goals are easy to review (like weight lifted in the gym) and you can do it all the time. Others may need a bit more attention or specialist testing (like getting 90% accuracy with your stock ball), so factor in testing if you need it (but not too often, you don't want to spend all your time testing and training for a test, aim to be a well rounded player, not someone good at taking tests)

If you are doing well make your goals tougher, if you are doing poorly, ease back a bit.

The key is to challenge yourself while still being able to complete it. Too easy is just as useless as too hard.

By following these steps you will have the focus to hit the season running.

To read the rest of Countdown to Summer through an instant download, click here.

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Video: Make Cricket Coaching Easy with Drills from the Experts

In this video Iain Brunnschweiler talks about how he bridges the gap between the enthusiastic dad coach and the professional arm of cricket.

The problem is that club coaches have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, but lack the skills and gear of the professional coaches.

So Brunchy talks about why he produced the Inspired Cricket Manual and Fun Size video drills: to make practice and match warm ups more fun and more effective through established tips and drills.

He also reveals an exclusive drill to improve the high catching of young cricketers!

Watch the video then click here to find out more about how Inspired Cricket can inspire your team to "EPIC" levels.



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Cricket Show S5 Episode 1: Ashes Dynamics

David Hinchliffe and Mark Garaway are joined by Sam Lavery for the new series. The first topic on the table is an insight into dressing room harmony. With much talk about the difference between the teams in the Ashes being related to team dynamics, Garas gives his view.

Then "Lavers" joins the fun to talk about how to review and select and app to add to your coaching flow, and we look at some of the options for high catching practice.

Listen in the browser or download to listen later.

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How Ian Bell Helped One Batsman to Become a Rock Star

You might be surprised to learn that I'm not a big reader of books. Yet, occasionally, I come across a book that flows when I read it and has big enough font that even a fool like myself can keep pace and not make too many mistakes when reading in my head.

Robin Sharma has a wonderful book called The Greatness Guide in which he scribes a series of 2 page lessons that he has learnt from his life in business and now in his highly successful personal development coaching business.

One of the books lessons is;

Turbo Boost Net Practice with Iain Brunnschweiler

If your nets have got a bit dull and lifeless, you need to fit a turbo boost, courtesy of England Performance Programme Coach, Iain Brunnschweiler.

Right now "Brunchy" is realising a 6 week series of coaching sessions that anyone can take to nets to make the sessions fun, exciting sessions that will lead to better cricket from you and your team.

The latest one is out today so click here to get this week's session instantly.


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