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12 Oct 09 at 11:00
10 year old batting confidence boosters?

Hi there, I've a ten year old son who's a teriffic bowler but believes he cannot bat. He's a top order batsman (RH) so its a confidence issue. He tells me he is scared of getting out and therefore just plays defensive shots, rather than showing his keen hand/eye coordination and wallopping the ball etc... He's had some one to one training which has cleared up a stance/keep arm closer to body issue he had but how do you build up confidence in a lad who lives for cricket. Is it purely practise practise practise?


his mum


12 Oct 09 at 12:02

that is very common in all age players and there are various ways to deal with it depending on the player. As a 10 year old the best thing to do is tell him that it's OK to be afraid of getting out.Everyone does. After all, he is destined to get out almost every time so why not enjoy himself while he is there?

If he is getting very nervous have a look in the confidence section on this page for some tips. And remember, nerves are natural, you can use them to your advantage!



12 Oct 09 at 12:14

Thanks as always David! Will have a look through the confidence pages. I do remind him about those poor boys at the other end of one of his bowling sprees!