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03 Nov 09 at 12:46
Feedback on quality cricket sunglassess required

OK so its nearly Christmas and I have a 10 year old that still believes (bless him) and would love a pair of the sunglasses he sees the "bigger" boys playing with. Does anyone have any good hints and tips when purchasing these in terms of any technical info I need prior to purchase - or is it a simple buy what I think might suit him thing.
Many thanks for anyones experiences, regards


04 Nov 09 at 03:45

Hi Kendra.

There are two ways to go about this.
1. Buy a set of expensive sports glasses, such as Oakley or Arnette. Most sport glasses are different to normal sunglasses as they do not distort distances which can often happen with cheaper pairs of glasses.

2. Buy a decent pair of normal glasses that will protect his eyes, but may not be as fancy as the ones the cricketers wear.

After all his only 10, maybe when he's 15 and a gun cricketer he can get a really good pair.


04 Nov 09 at 07:43

Good advice Steven. There are some more tips in my post about cricket sunglasses.