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PitchVision Academy and Ian Pont Bring Pace Secrets to New Audience

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International Bowling Coach is the First to Offer Online Fast Bowling Course in Hindi

Ian Pont, 3 time World Cup fast bowling coach, is bringing his coaching course to India with the world's first online Hindi cricket guide.

The popular course on PitchVision Academy (PVA) - Ultimate Pace Secrets - breaks new ground as a complete Hindi translation of Ian Pont's must-read manual for fast bowlers and their coaches.

PitchVision Academy has been producing online coaching since 2006, and Ian Pont was one of the first coaches to join the team as Fast Bowling Coach. Since then, Ian and PVA have combined to continue to innovate in the world of speed, bringing new concepts to the cricket world. Ian's creative thinking about front foot blocks, power blasts and building pace and accuracy together have been eagerly devoured by thousands of PVA subscribers.

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to continue to grow the knowledge and skill of fast bowlers by making Ultimate Pace Secrets available to hundreds of millions of Hindi readers in India, and around the world.

So what is in store for the Hindi-reading public? In short, a complete guide to Ian Pont's proven method of bowling fast:

  • How to maximise your crease position and bowling with the fabled four tent pegs
  • The benefit of 'Russia'
  • The very best way to use the 'stretch reflex' for increasing your speed
  • The famous drop step and front foot block to have you using the power in your action correctly How to deliver with a consistent release position
  • Using the jump into your action as efficiently as possible
  • How to understand where speed comes from and how to apply it
  • Detailed descriptions of what's right and wrong

There is no shortage of raw fast bowlers in India, but with so much competition, and the difficulty of being accepted into academies around the country, the chances are players with real speed are being missed by the system. It's never been more about bowler's taking responsibility for their own actions to become the bowler that they want to be.

PitchVision Academy puts Ian Pont's lifetime of knowledge into the hands of bowlers and coaches in India through the Hindi version of Ultimate Pace Secrets. The race to pace for Hindi readers starts right here.

Click here to find out more, and purchase Ultimate Pace Secrets. The English version is available here.

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