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3 Ways to play swing bowling

Good swing bowling can literally be unplayable. If a ball swings late enough nobody, not Sachin, not Lara, not Bradman, has ever had good enough reactions to counter the movement. It's a physical impossibility.


Yet somehow great players manage to build epic innings when the ball swings. How do they do it?

While science has no answers yet, there are some interesting theories to explore.

1. Watch the ball

A reaction time limitation means that it's impossible to watch the ball right onto the bat. What distinguishes the good players from the average ones is their ability to correctly predict where the ball will be and move into the correct position. That is according to Bob Woolmer and Tim Noakes coaching book.

In practical terms what does this mean?

Greg Chappell says that it's all about watching the point of release from the bowler. If you see the ball released late it will be short, if you see it released early it will be full. Additionally, the bowler can give you subtle clues in their grip, run up and delivery stride that can help you. If you see an angles seam you know the bowler is at least trying to swing the ball.

Those blessed without a great talent for this can improve their ability by practice. This is one reason why facing a bowling machine is less beneficial than facing real bowling: You don't get the clues from the bowler.

2. Get to the pitch of the ball

Swing bowlers are usually going to pitch the ball up to you. Without doing that they will not get the swing they need. This means you will usually be playing forward to them.

If the ball swings later than you ability to react you will be more likely to miss it or edge it. To reduce this risk, it's important to get as close to the pitch of the ball as possible. This will reduce the amount of time the ball has to deviate. It might be enough to stop you catching the edge.

The idea is not to over step. You still need to lead with your head and shoulder while having your weight over your front foot. You should be trying to get in as big a stride as possible though. The closer you are to the pitch, the safer you are.

3. Play with soft hands

If you are facing a good swing bowler there will be times you will be beaten. You can reduce the chances of getting out either nicking off to the slips or bowled through the gate by playing defensively with soft hands.

In modern limited over cricket it is often beneficial to push the hands and bat towards the ball so you can hit the ball into a gap and steal a single. While this is an excellent tactic, against a late swinging ball edges will carry comfortably to the slips or gulley.

Instead of trying to 'punch' the ball, play the defensive shot as intended: A way of killing the pace of the ball. If you do this correctly it is much harder for an edge to carry to the slips.

How do you do it?

Are you a swing bowler? What frustrates you most about the batters who play you well? Perhaps you are a good player of the swinging ball. What are your secrets? Leave a comment.

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What frustrates me is batsmen who come down the pitch, negating the outswing swing effect. I over come this though by a) having a very good keeper who can stand up to me and b) bowling the inswinger which they dont expect, miss it down leg and get stumped/nearly stumped. Certainly puts them back in their crease.
A barrage of short balls also does the trick, just the old cliche, short, short, short, full and swinging. The key is just keep the batsmen guessing.

i dont mind swing bowlers too much... but i absolutely HATE it when the keeper stands up as i like to walk down the pitch to give the ball less time to swing. like today.... 43 out stumped Sad

I know my coach would kill me if he heard me say this, but as an openning batsman I find the best way to play spin is with a cross bat.

Hey...what's the Woolmer book like??

What about swing Fisha?

John, I have not read it all yet (it's huge) but it's excellent so far.

I'm a swing bowler and know how some batsmen sometimes play me easily but I will not disclose it so swing bowlers' weaknesses are not known

im a left armer and i naturaly swing the ball in, i love it when batsmen stand on leg with their front foot pointing to mid on. all you do is angle a short "ish" one in at their chest or bowl a out swinger or cross seam out side off stump which they cant play. i also get alot of wickets with in swinging yorkers with batsmen trying to get foward and trying to hit the ball square of the v. when batting and facing a left armer who swings it in i find it helps if i trigger my back foot from leg to middle and off like kp, then your in a good position to either clip it off your legs if its on a bad line or get forward and either defend or drive depending on the length and line. just remember not to open up your stumps with the front foot and learn to leave any balls hitting the 5th and 6th stumps as the angle will take the ball to 3rd and 4th slip.

Oh sorry David, wasn't thinking. I meant swing.

Fisha, that's a risky strategy but if it works for you I can't argue.

Great tip Ollie!

If the batsman comes forward I ask the wicketkeeper to stand up, if the batsman plays really well then I tend to vary the pace greatly and mix in some cutters, especially on dry flat pitches.

im a keeper and keeping up to the stumps is the best way to beat a batsman who is not use to it. They forget that i am standing there and that's when i have my chances. And nine times out of ten i get them Smiling . But for me when i'm batting is to vary where i stand in the crease. 2 feet behind the line, both feet 3 ft down the pitch, whatever works to stop the bowler from bowling his best deliveries.

Standing up is a great tactic to batsmen taking liberties. I would advise against it if the ball is swinging a lot though. You might lose out on nicks to outswing and if an full inswinging ball goes down the leg side you could be looking at 4 byes!

If you're trying to keep the batsman pinned in the crease, but can't stand up to the stumps due to the swing or the pace - maybe it's worth practising throwing the stumps down from where you are keeping. It's something you can get quite good at, and if you are it'll give the batsman something to think about. Word of warning though - make sure your fielders are aware of it - so they will be backing up and in on deflections off the stumps good and quick.

Great tip ed. I have been out stumped to a keeper standing back doing just that, so it works.

i m a opener batsmen and i have a problem that whenever i bat in a match i get too defensive and could not play attacking shots and i just keep checking the basics which result in less scores and more balls played(wasted)
any suggestions please:-

One tip i have is to look at it this way. Once you are in a match, you are not going to get any better unless you get yourself in. When you practice you have improved all that you can, so when you are in a match, you are as prepared as you'll be. So when batting in a match, don't worry about the basics, just watch the ball and react to the ball. You have practiced how ever many shots so now you can just go out and play them. Stop worrying about the basics.

thanks 4 advice beb b

Always welcome

I have serious problem in facing swing bolwers.I do normally go in 4th down and most of times we loose early wickets and ending up in facing the new ball which swings alot. My foot work is not that good. Morever ialways try to flick the ball onside(similar kind of laxman)..I dont know how i got habituated to this shot..but i want to avoid playing this..Hope fully coming down the track helps me to avoid the swing.

It would be hard to say without seeing you bat but a common fault for playing across the in swinging ball like that is your head position and backswing.

You may be leaning too far over in your stance, keeping you off balance. You may also be bringing your bottom hand too early on the downswing. This can be because of a variety of reasons: too wide a backswing, too tight a gtip on the bat with your bottom hand or closing off your shoulders to the off side.

I open the bowling for my club and i find it hard to control the swing. But if i am able to control it, its hard for batsmen to play. Any tips on controlling it ?????

Try bowling a few balls with a cross seam, that will let you adjust your line and length. And then try swinging it. If outswing is the issue, try getting closer to the stumps, this will let you aim the ball straighter and twoards middle and off.

I like the posts about the wicketkeeper. There is a swing bowler in our school team just he is quite slow really so I always stand up to him. When the ball is really moving in the air to the fast bowlers its a difficult job - even more so if the ball is swinging late. An underarm throw nearly worked for me last season when I was keeping for our 3rds team. The guy was batting 6 inches out his crease; that irritates me as i want to stand up. At the time we had two quicks on with about 10 overs to go both moving the ball up to a foot at times - akward for the keeper.

We have a new team and we have a problem facing the swing bowlers. So, what I do is send two defensive players to open and have them bat out the first 8 overs and then all the good batsmen go in. Now the thing is, we always end up losing them quickly and we end up scoring like 10-12 runs in the first 10 overs. Anything we can do to counter that?

i to am wicket keeper/ batsman and i have a problem of playing swing i normally get 20 to 30 runs against any type of bowling but if there is a swing bowler bowling at me i get 5 to 10 runs i have good foot work but im always hitting it up in the air and getting caught, letting the ball through the gate or edging it any tips?

Have you tried the tips in the article Richard?

i only found this site yesterday and i have district training tomorow i shall try the tips out then and give you some feed back on how i get on

Great stuff, keep me posted.

hi, i am 15 years old and currently play colts U15s and first team cricket. I have been trying since i was 10 to getin into county and now i am the closest to being selected.

This week i have to selection matches where i am adimant i must score a ton. Yesterday i played the first, opened the batting and then got out for 19 trying to hit the leg spinner.

Tommorow is my final game and most propably my final chance to play county this year. I am extremly nevorvous as if i don't get in this year my chances for playing first class cricket as a proffesional seem small.

what can i do to prepare for my game tommorow and the rest of a really important season

please reply soon

training was called off today as it is half term, i have a match on sunday but the manager isnt getting any replies from the oppositions coach so i dont know if it will be on but if it is i'll tell you how i got on

regards Richard

I am one of the best keepers in the league in America. I always stand up to the wickets and I make batsman suffer. This is a good way to help bowlers who swing both ways. I give a lot of byes and I drop many catches but I prevent batsman from scoring. My captain and my team mates hate me for standing up and dropping catches but I simply ignore them. If a decision goes against me, I simply throw the helmet on the ground and I threaten to walk away.

That doesn't sound like a great plan but maybe I'm missing something.

this is about swingers. why we are talking keepers who stand up or not? we all should talk about how fast bowlers can swing like anything.

best keeper in America dude? dont make me laugh.. how can you say you are good when you admit to dropping many catches and letting alot of byes go? what in the world is a keeper's job? why do you think you have the gloves smart guy? i fail to see how dropping catches and getting byes helps the team out. and throwing your helmet on the ground? quit making us American cricketers look like fools. give in your gloves, your a disgrace to keepers everywhere

I suspect his tongue was firmly rammed in his cheek.

Namaste oe and all.

why we talk wicket keeper? We come back to swingers who swing like anything. I put my saliva on the ball and my saliva is red becoz I chew the pan all day. the ball swing like anthing. may be lime in pan does something who knows? Anybody any answer on pan juice and swing?

I play out swinging balls well watching the ball to last moment and standing one foot from the crease negating the swing.I see seldom bowlers who can swing both ways consistently.So,I get to play bowler who can either bowl in swing are out swing.I play in swing decently by waiting and playing straight or flick it on front foot. The problem I face is driving the ball when the bowler suddenly changes from out swing to in swing and invariably it goes between the bat pad gap. One way to negate this reduce body weight and adjust your body to play straight to in swinging ball or go defensive with bowler.

Great tip Sekhar.

Im facing difficulties in playing late inswing . the bowler is swinging the ball from off to leg stump . the swing is really great . it starts swinging from the good length area and stops at my pads
quick help needed just about to play in a tournament

I'm a right arm swing bowler but i'm more confident bowling round the wicket and it hardly swings but if i bowl over the wicket it swings but i cant control it. what should i do

if your an inswing bowler the first thing you do is aim at the third stump outside off stump,go wide on the crease and never ever compromise with the around the wicket tatics as it is impossible to get lbw or bowl the batsman out

I play for middlesex u14, and I bat 4,

I think the trick to playing swing, is leaving as much as you can early in your innings, wait until they drift on the middle, leg stump and then whip it away for four, just keep looking for bad balls, keeping looking to play straight, and if its a decent outswinger then cut out the coverdrive, it will get you in trouble in my experience

Great advice Frank

If the bowler is too good for you then just accept it.

Last Saturday, I faced an Aussie off spin bowler, a very good spin bowler on our wicket. He was turning the bowl from way outside off stump. He already dismissed two of my good batsmen. When I went into bat I realised that he was too good on the day and attacking him was not an option so I played every delivery on front foot, as far as I could stretch and play bowl dead. We only scored 7 runs of his 8 over limit with 2 wickets. Had I not played him the way I did he would have ended up atleast 5 wickets. We still went on to win the match by 10 runs.

p.s. the same Aussie bowler was smashed all over the park the next day on a wet wicket, huge sixes but his team still won, why? because their opposition battsmen failed to realise that the opening bowler was too good on the day, he was bowling fast with great line a length but the batsmen still went to attack him instead of playing defensively and waisting his 9 over limit. They only managed to score 70 runs and lost by over 100 runs.

Finally, if a bowler, spin or fast is too good on the day, then just accept it and try to play his overs out defensively instead of attacking. Try to score your runs from the other bowlers.

How to play in-swing?

Firstly, I'm not a great batsman who plays swing bowling but I think this should make sense.

Lets start with spin, the best way to play spin is to play your shot with the spin and never against it. The best way to play an off spin bowler is on the leg side as the bowl is turning from off to the leg.

I think same method should be applied to in-swing bowling. Playing an a cover drive to in-swing bowl means you are leaving a gap between bat and pad. Trying to play the in-swing on the leg side will mean bat and pad are together.

So goes the theory but the more practice the better.

I could not agree more NK, I would add that this does not mean scooping across the line, but playing with a straight bat in the V, just through an arc between mid off and midwicket.

yepee...some agrees with me lol

You're right David. I don't mean playing across line. If anyone does play across line then they are perfect LBW candidates.

Play the in-swing in the v shape area like David says. Playing to straightish mid-on part of the v area may be a better choice as the in-swing bowl will be coming in towards the leg side. Obviously, playing in the v area requires practicing and playing to straightish mid-on area requires a lot more practice.

Also, I believe being capable of playing three types of shots hould be sufficient to score a lot of runs for a club crickets. For example any of the following three:
Square cut, cover drive, flick, pull, back foot punch.

If you can play three of the above I think you have should a lot of runs.

I am playing at a club level.
my question here is how to play late. I have a problems while batting that I always play earlier that means most of the time I dont time the ball. Playing the swing bowling especially inswing bowling I am very vlunerable. I never was able to meet the ball I get bowled playing wrong line or get leading edge for catch while playing early. This happens mostly on Frontfoot. Most of the time i am already in front foot or commited to frontfoot but I dont know how avoid this too. Many a times I realised that I would have been in a better position had I played of the backfoot. I always tell to myself that I should play late, but i actually dont have a control. I dont know when should I start moving towards the ball and start downswing of the bat. Can some body help? Is there a tip like I should wait until some counts after ball was released to move to the ball and start downswing?
Pls help.

Playing an in-swinger?

I usually play in-swingers on front foot and in the v-zone. If the bowl is swinging way too much, I open my feet a bit more wider and playing in-swinging deliveries becomes a peace of cake.

Playing an out-swinger?

Being an open batsman I believe that out-swingers are more difficult to play then in-swingers. Since the ball is going away from me I need to do a couple of basic things:

  • Need to know where the off stump is to predict what balls to let go.
  • Get my body behind the ball at all times. I do this usually by using my back leg a lot. If I can't come behind the ball that means the ball is going outside my off stump and I leave the ball gracefully.

Try to be on top of the ball all the time, doesn't matter what type of delivery it is. This comes with practice and confidence.

P.S. There are not very many bowlers who swings the ball both ways with some control. The few which do, a sharp batsman will predict which way the ball is going to swing by looking at the shine of the ball if the ball is old, or if its a new ball most likely the batsman will have enough to time to see which way the ball is swinging. At times when the eyes aren't in yet, watch the arm, action, delivery stride of a bowler. A bowler will give you a lot of clues.

Hopefully, some of you guys will have an opportunity to work on it. I wish you guys all the best in cricket.

From an openers pov. best (and most reliable) way to play swing bowling is to stand well out side the crease. But the bowler will quickly catch on and brings the keeper up. When i get forced back to the crease i occasionally go the other way and stand deeper in the crease to give my self more time (specially if they swing the ball early)

For out swing bowlers i prefer to play cross bat shots when its on or out side off stump and moving away (always careful to roll the wrists), and leg glances or back foot defense for leg stump or outside and moving into the stumps (cross bat shots here can go very wrong). I find the ball going from middle/leg to off stump the hardest out swing to play and try to and get my body behind where the balls going to swing to.

I get out to inswing bowlers (specially the slow ones) a lot because i play my defensive shots too early and get lbw or bowled through bat and pad so any advice there would be nice.

Mr. tbp, you probably are a front foot player i.e. your front foot goes first and then you adjust if the ball is to play on the back foot. If that's the case then you gotta practice going on back foot first for pace bowlers and vice versa for slow bowlers. That will give you more time to judge the ball. This is also one of the reasons international batsmen have so much time to play their shots.

im a swing bowler a think that that puts me off is when the batman is guessing what ball im bowling u can use this to get them out to a slow ball puts them way . the 1 thing as a batsman is u dont want to jump around cos this will 1 make it harder to play and 2 will put a skip in any bowlers step

Today I have learnt that when the batsmen is not in form they don't watch the ball coming out of the bowlers hand. They just look at the general area where the ball is going to come out from. This is just my own analysis, I may be wrong.

It never hurt a batsman to concentrate hard on the ball.

can i know how to increase the speed and accuracy in my bowling

I feel for you. really.I still havent been able to hit even 1 ball coming down.

i m an right hand batsman. i am studying in class 7. i cant manage swing balls .
its very hard to manage swing balls . if anybody put swing ball to me in the first ball itself i am clean bold and the ball which is pitching just close to the leg also i cant manage . send me some videos and pictures how to manage these balls to my mail id please...... tommorow it self . and i will see tommorow . BYE...............................................................................................

if we are facing a swing bowler then i think we should play him late as late as we can

if a bowler is swinging both ways then how will i play him

@pankaj, the key if you don't know which way it will swing after pitching it to get to the pitch of the ball as much as possible to reduce the amount it deviates before you hit it.

If you watch the bowler before coming in to bat you should be able to pick up clues from his action which way it will go (how does he hold the ball, which side is shiny) and the frequency with which he uses his variations.

Also, consider the line he bowls; if the bowler is swinging it quite a long way you should be able to pick up from the initial direction of travel the most likely direction of swing, since presumably the bowler will be looking to get the ball somewhere aropund the stumps and for an inswinger will have to start the ball wider of you, and for an outswinger, closer to middle and leg.

If the amount of swing is less, you may not have as large a cue, but you should still be looking to take it as a guide and protect your stumps.

limited overs cricket offers little scope for defensive play. still it would be beneficial to be 30-0 after ten over than being 45-3.my point is not to block everything. but be as cautious and also be positive. a swing bowler will definitely get frustrated and try something different to try to get you out as soon as possible, because after ten or fifteen overs there wont be much assistance what ever the conditions be.
so how to play a good swing bowler. a bowlers action mostly give away what he will be good at . a person with a open-chested action can never bowl a well controlled out swinger to a right hander. and its vice versa for a left handed bowler.and a bowler with a closed and side-on action finds bowling good inswingers very difficult.
still bowlers can use their wrist to bowl both the ball, but this can be negated by watching the bowler closely. practice watching the bowler in his delivery stride and pickup clues.secondly the footwork. never try to work a inswinging ball from a left arm over into the legside (righthander).and vice versa for a lefthander . because chances of being lbw is very high. never comit to the initial line of the ball in such cases. if it pitches on the stumps its bound to slide down leg so those balls can be flicked or ondriven. for balls pitching outside off, carefully defend or punch it srtaight down the ground,with out getting your pad in the line of the ball. all said the best way to play any good bowler is play on his patience. and make him bowl where you want him to bowl.a skilled bowler with a lot of patience is a rare combo.if you get one you have to wait for the loose ball. but generally you can outplay a bolwer in your mind. think about jason gillispe's touble century, the perfect example of make bowlers bowl to your strength, the second inng same match he was out for paltry score because he did waht the bowlers wanted him to do!

I think its a tough to be perfect when you're a fast-bowling all-rounder as the batsman in you fights against the bowler in you. But one thing that has worked for me in Indian conditions (I play in the old Ahmedabad stadium) is going round the stumps to the lefthanders and reverse swing the ball, and it works even with the new ball, something that i have seen Zaheer and Akram do. But for this to be effective, one must bend his back as the Ahmedabad track doesn't offer much bounce. For a right-hander, the seam must point towards a righthander's leg slip. Then pitch it around offstump on a length and bowl it like a top-spinning googly, so you don't require assistance/movement off the pitch and the top-spin generates some bounce. It can be the perfect reverse-swinger in Indian conditions. It really topspins a lot but the finger position needs to be practiced.

the best way to stop runs is to pick wickets... i think you should be dropped for showing your attitude against the captain...

Very nice article. I am very much a straight bat player and enjoy the challenge of someone that can swing the ball. I find a few things help me.

1. Watch the ball – picking the initial line and following it as long as I can (point 1)

2. Pushing my head at the ball - so that when my feet move they are as close to the pitch as possible (point 2). Its all about setting up the base ready for the hands. There is also an element of waiting before you move (and this will depend on the pace of the bowler). For the med swingers I feel that I have to force myself to not move for longer before I set up my base. You don’t want to set your base up too early on the wrong line when you can avoid it.

3. Timing & How to play the shot – I tend to play with hard hands however I can usually avoid edges by selecting how hard to play a shot (i.e. check drive or full blooded drive). I find that im in better control of my checked shots so these usually hit the middle of my bat more often. I also find that if I get it wrong then I can recover from a checked shot quicker than a full blooded one (i.e. turn it into a defensive shot)

4. Leaving the ball - Is a must when playing good swing. Knowing when to leave and not chase balls that you are not set up for. Especially early in an innings when the feet are not moving as well.

5. The basics – Generally it will help if you have good basic straight bat technique. By basics I mean stance, grip, head position, shape of hands, shape of bat as you play a shot etc. Any problems with these will be made worse when playing swinging (or quicker) balls. Towards the end of last season I got bowled a few times but couldn’t work it out cause I usually have good defence. I had a friend video myself and I found that my back lift went from over off stump to over leg (I have no idea why I started to do this). Any way this meant I had to get my bat around my body before I could play straight but it was causing me to leave a big gap (perfect for the ball to sneak through). Fixed the back lift and found I was defending better again.

This season (2012) has been pretty good for bowlers - lots of rain, green, moist wickets has meant movement in the air and off the pitch. Like most of top order batsmen in the my league, I have struggled. In fact, this has been the worst start for me to any league season I can remember! I would be grateful for any tips for playing as late as possible. I find myself moving too early and as a result either covering the line in the air but not off the pitch, or having to play around my front foot which has already been planted. Most of my dismissals have been lbws, and some bowled (I normally dont get bowled that often).

One really simple (to say) solution is to get your head more forward. This allows you to get in line very early but be able to play the ball later. Lead with your head rather than your feet, almost so you are overbalancing forward.

Gary Palmer has some great drills in his online coaching course on front foot play, it does take some work to get the feel right so you can't just try it in a game and expect success.

Thanks David - up against some minor counties bowlers this week, so will see how that goes.

You probably need more throwdowns than good bowlers to get the feel right first. The flamingo or one leg drill that Mark Garaway talked about helps a lot: http://www.pitchvision.com/coaching-drills-one-leg-front-foot-drive

Very interesting. Thanks David. The problem with this season has been that with so much raining around, outdoor practice has been very disrupted. At club level, it is very difficult to then organize a switch to indoor net sessions, so we are basically going from mid-week matches to saturday games without much nets at all. Anyway, thanks for your tips - will give it a go.

Yes, I advocate the idea of a "batting buddy" where you can get together to do some drills together between showers. A bit like a gym training buddy.

Hi David
I wanted to thank you for your tip about leading with the head to counter lateral movement. My last four innings have shown signs of improvement - 60, 39, 48, 0 - as a result. Obviously, I still have a lot of work to do before I get comfortable with the new body alignment, and only one of these scores was against a saturday league opponent (the rest were mid-week T20 games), but it seems to have improved my game a little bit. Thanks again. Will see how it works out this saturday!

I have heard "playing late as much as possible" is one of the ways to play well against swing.

As the game has become fast,can anyone tell me how to time the ball,or even loft the inswinging ball...

Guys, most of the comments are very obvious.. u have to lean with your head, u have to play late, u have to play in the v... what I'm gonna tell u now is beyond the obvious.

1. IF THE BALL IS SWINGING LATE, DO NOT LEAD WITH A HUGE STRIDE FORWARD. If u do that, u will b beaten by a classy bowler n the ball can rap on ur pads making u a classic LBW candidate. Watch kallis. He's a master of the half stride forward. Two things to remember. Watch the ball till the last moment n dont throw ur hands at the ball. Let the ball come to u.

2. An initial 'back n across' movement is preferable to an initial front foot movement. That way u can always lead ur front foot to the line of the ball. However if ur initial movement is forward, u cant align ur front foot with the swinging delivery as it is already firmly planted by the time the ball starts swinging.

3.Know where ur off stump is. Protect the line of the off stump with very soft hands on the bat. For a bowler who swings both ways (no pun intended), play for the inswing. There's no shame in getting beaten outside the off stump. Soft hands will ensure that even if there is an edge,
it will not carry to the keeper.

Lastly, wait for the bad ball n then ensure that its dispatched to the boundary. DO NOT attack the good balls. If all these bowlers u face could bowl 6 flawless balls, swinging in from outside off to leg stump, they would b playing international cricket.. Confidence is the only key.. Case in point, Steven Waugh.. ugliest batsman in terms of grace, but probably more confident than Lara. Played swing like a dream. U have to BELIEVE that u can stop the ball.

Hope this helps..

Good advice Raaj, not even slightly obvious and cliched. "Let the ball come to you". Did you come up with that yourself? I have never heard it before.

Any tips i can get for hitting the ball out of park...may be for swing bowlers or spinners

Hi AB.. Im sorry if I appeared condescending earlier. The thing is that in case the ball's not swinging, n its pitched up, THEN U NEED NOT play late. U must reach for the ball AND may also throw your hands at the ball.. Letting the ball come to u is an adage while playing back foot strokes (irrespective of swing). My earlier statement was in reference to a particular condition, i.e. inswinging pitched up deliveries.. Really, if a kid can master this, he'll get screwed by a regular club class inswinger.

Hi Ankit. May be you are too cautious.
If not,
Make sure your shoulders and legs are relaxed.
Check if your back lift is good enough.
See if you always get stuck in the crease.
Try to hit as straight as possible.
May be an aggressive mindset may help.Be determined to attack the loose balls.
Try some T20 kind of batting while playing in nets.
One last tip-I had the same problem. I used to bat right handed. I just tried left handed once. Then I realized that I was hitting well and my technique was good too. I continued to do so. This might work. But try this only if you are a young cricketer.
Good luck

Swing has always been a problem for me as a batsman.

Here is my take on outswingers

The place I hate to have the ball is (I might get out)
1) over pitched on my offstump.
2) Short pitched on middle and it swings late

The places I like the bowler to ball is.
1) good length/short pitch outside offstump. Then I can play late for square cut on my back foot. May be uppish.
2) middle or legstump (except short) then I can play across. like the bat making a 'C' starts from off and ends in off.

For inswingers, I like it when they bowl on my leg side then I can do a nice and sweet leg glance. But then it is bad bowl. For a good bowl I haven't got much answers yet. But that sound of the leg glance ..uuuh I love it!

swing bowlers i can hit you whole day long

I am 15 live I south africa where the decks are quite fast and come on to the bat quite nicely . I have a rather unusual stance I take gaurd with my back foot on of stump and front foot quit open between middel and off I foind that this helps me play swing (espescially inswing ) with great effect ! It also helps with the ofstump awareness and therefore I knwo when I can leave a ball

Dont worry metooooooooooooooo habituated like on side drive and pull shot, and slowly learned the tactics of off side and swinging ball i came down the track. here gambhir is our best.

Sometimes like dravid we can leave it thus we do give our best dude.

i also use to play the ball with cross batted shots it worked for me for a while but then i use to get out to dolly bowling and it turned into a habit therefore try to sort out your technique of cross batted shots before it turns into a habit.

first try and get your eye in before you whack the ball face a couple of deliveries and then try slogging will come naturally and the bad balls would be dispatched

I am a good player of swing bowling. My tip to bat in swinging or seaming condition is to get your front foot near the pitcho.If it is an outswinger than also slide your back foot toward point. This will get your body behind the ball and allow you to cope with movement. Driving on such tracks is simply to court disaster.

I'm a fast bowling all rounder.I am a number three for my club,I have trouble negotiating the outswing and I'm clueless about how to improve this aspect of my game.I play some good cover drives to quality outswingers and then edge behind some deliveries later.Can you help me out with this and please suggest me some workouts to increase my pace?
Thank you

I am confused about how to grip the bat...any suggestions. .

slice the ball with cross bat ,, swing especialy out swing s not gona bother you

I did have problems in facing the balls coming in from off stump to the pads but negotiate it I just shuffle a little towards the leg and play it straight. I know coach would tell you this but this does help

I did have problems in facing the balls coming in from off stump to the pads but negotiate it I just shuffle a little towards the leg and play it straight. I know coach would tell you this but this does help

I myself play at club level and would like to tell that wait for the ball until it comes took close to your front leg and then start playing the ball . Thai would help. Another way is that take your back lift higher and let it come from 3rd slip

I don't think so because many a men have been playing spin cross like jayasuriya warner and others like Brendon McCullum. He can hit six goes for a four and does very easily and comfortably rotates strike. And some times when he gets out its only a misconception or misfortune for him there's nothing to do with the spinners effort or all that rubbish skin that the bowler did..........

If v r bowling a swinging delivery v have to practice before play most probably i prefer slow yorker delivery and off cutter and swinging good length delivery