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Pre-Season Countdown to Summer

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Welcome to Countdown to Summer - Your Guide to Perfect Preseason Preparation


How you prepare before the season begins directly effects how you play during the season. A perfect preseason will get you ready for action physically, mentally and technically.

  • Improving your strength, speed, power and flexibility.
  • Learning new techniques and grooving old ones to perfection.
  • Setting effective goals and getting mentally tougher.
  • Maximising your training time at nets and practice.

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Make yourself at home and have a look around. There is plenty to see and do. Good luck in your preparation and planning for the season!

David Hinchliffe - Director of Coaching, PitchVision Academy

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Featured Article

What Simon Cowell can teach you about cricket

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Ever wondered what makes some talented players succeed and others fail?

If there is one person who knows more about picking people with that something extra it's record executive, TV producer and celebrity judge Simon Cowell.

Through shows like Pop Idol, American Idol, The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, Cowell has honed his ability to pick a diamond from the rough and make it shine.

So what do top cricketers and singers have in common?

Look after yourself

It might seem like pop singers are puppets on the strings of record executives. The real superstars are as savvy and quick thinking as the boss. You have to be to thrive in the cut-throat world of music where you are only as good as your last single and a Christmas Number One means nothing a few weeks later, no matter how good a singer you are.

It's the same for cricketers. A player with perfect technique will struggle to make the leap up a level if he or she is not streetwise with it. It takes a certain amount of savvy to be able to learn when to hit a boundary to release pressure or bowl a slower ball.

The less time it takes you to learn the instincts of cricket, the faster you move up the rungs of the ladder.

Combine talent with confidence

If you watch the audition to most TV talent shows you will notice the unshakable confidence of everyone waiting for their spot in front of the judges.

"I know I have what they are looking for" declares the odd looking contestant who goes in to sing a terrible, off-key rendition of a popular hit. They have half the requirement but are lacking the ability.

The really good singers have both. They know how good they are and they are not afraid to have the swagger to admit it. When you are standing up in front of millions of people and a live audience it's the only way to shine.

You can think of great cricketers with the same attitude: Viv Richards for example, but all successful players have to have this confidence in themselves. When you doubt yourself you overanalyse and when you overanalyse you forget to just perform.

Know what the public want

TV talent shows like those Cowell produces are populist, aiming to entertain. You can't do that without knowing what people like and adapting to it. This is especially true of the singers who are all trying to win votes and stay in the competition.

You might be trying to win your own vote: The selectors want to be entertained as much as the audience at the shows. Doing what it takes to get their attention is all part of the job of becoming successful. Look at England's Jonathon Trott. He can adapt his game to opening, batting in the middle order and even bowling a few tidy overs of medium pace. He will do whatever it takes to make the captain and selectors think "this is the guy for me".

Ignore the critics

Popular shows and singers are also criticised shows and singers. It comes with the fame and fortune. Even Cowell himself has been attacked for everything from his haircut to his aims for world entertainment domination.

The best way to deal with such negativity whether you are a singer or a cricketer is to focus on your success. So what if some people hate your songs, you are doing a job you love and making money from it through the people who love your songs. So what if your batting and fielding let you down, you take more wickets than anyone else in the team.

Critics don't bother with unsuccessful people, so take their comments as a compliment and move on to more positive things.

Stick to these principles as you work your way up the talent ladder and maybe you can win your own talent contest.


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