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Here's A Simple Way to Coach Away an Illegal Action

Sam Lavery tackles the thorny cricket subject of "chucking".

For many, working with fast bowlers can be daunting. While the knowledge that’s out there is gradually improving, the challenge of working with a bowler who may or may not have developed a “chuck” is a step too far for some.

Let's see if we can help with that.

Khyati Gulani: Listening is a Vital Skill

This is a guest article Khyati Gulani. Khyati is an ex-cricketer now coaching state and academy cricket in Delhi.

A good listener is always successful in life because they never repeat what they know, rather they learn new things every time. Yet, We have often seen players going to their coaches and keep talking rather than listening.

Become a Cricketer: The Next Great Players will Lead a Measured Life

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There is a quiet trend happening around the world: one that is about to become a revolution. This trend will be instrumental in creating the next generation of cricketers. Right now exactly the time to get ahead if you have ambitions to become a cricketer.

Cricket Show S7 Episode 23: An Audacious Goal!

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David Hinchliffe discusses cricket with top coaches Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery. This show opens with a discussion about fielding standards: How to measure them with relevance, and how to raise them further.

Four Ways to Connect With Your Cricketers During Reviews

I have become increasingly aware of different learning styles and preferences within teams over the years and have been trying to find different review methods that connect with those different styles.

40 Ways to Bat at Nets Instead of Just Hitting Balls. Now You Have No Excuse.

One of the worst things I can hear at cricket training is the dreaded phrase "I just want to hit balls".

Why is this so bad?

Set the Tone: How to Win the First Ten Overs in One Day Cricket (and Why it Matters)

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There is something magic about the first ten overs.

How to Become a Consistent Batsman

Are you driven enough to be consistent batsmen?

Cricket Show S7 Episode 22: Odd Man Out

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Mark Garaway is with Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe. The sticky issue of a good player who has a different outlook to the team is covered on the show. Every team has an odd man out who still does the job on the field. Here's how to deal with it.

Work with Players, Not Techniques to Grow Your Cricketers

What do you see when watching a batter in a net or out in the middle?

What do you notice?

These are the key questions that I ask of myself when working with any player for the first time.