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Cricket Show S6 Episode 39: Moving the Fielders

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Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe talk cricket coaching, specifically the latest change to the Laws of cricket that allow fielders to move before the ball has been played. What tactical and skill changes will this bring?

Batting Drill: Graham Thorpe Short Ball Ramp Drill

I had a great pleasure of working alongside England Lead batting coach, Graham Thorpe last week. Graham presented a batting masterclass which covered his approaches to developing quality players of pace and spin.

Thorpey's philosophy to coaching any batter, irrespective of age, was to 'coach back from the challenges of International game'. The first International game challenge that he identified was the fast, short pitched delivery.

Quick Tip: Ask for Help, Even If You Don't Need It

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We tend to ask for help when we need it; a technical flaw, a tactical error of judgement we don't want to repeat, ways to lose weight. Whatever.

Yet, help is not just about removing negatives to stop the pain of failure. It's also about looking at things in a new way and boosting your game in ways you had not even considered.

Case Study: How Cricket Coaches Use Hunches with Data

Here's how you can check to see if your hunches are right.

Good cricket coaches have good hunches. They can sense something and make swift changes based on their experience and skill. That's the art of coaching. But hunches can also be wrong, or biased. That's where you can use data to back up your hunch, or find out if it's wrong.

Work on Batting Plans Before Batting Technique

When you bat with a plan, you never have to worry about technique again.

You might think that's a bold claim, but bear with me. I can prove it. You see, I have been having off season planning meetings with the players at my club recently, and one thing I have found myself saying a lot is "If you know your game, you will be successful".

Beyond Drills: What, Why, How and Measurement Questions to Aid Player Development

Here at Millfield School, the UK season has drawn to a close. The players have had a few weeks off cricket and are now itching to get back into the cricket bubble and hone their skills for next season.

Over the past week, the coaches at school have been interviewing each player as part of out review and planning process. This guides the players and the coaches (both internally and externally) through a long winter training period.

Cricket Show S6 Episode 38: Bowl as Fast as Muhammad Amir

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David Hinchliffe is joined by Sam Lavery and Mark Garaway. The team talk about the pace of a young Mohammad Amir and if it's possible for anyone to bowl with wheels at a young age.

There are also ways to deal with cricketing frustrations and a summary of how to appoach in season fitness training if you are going ot nets five days a week.

PV/VIDEO Weekly Highlights: That is Class

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Welcome to the PV/VIDEO Digest, your highlights summary of the weeks best videos from PitchVision Interactive

You can share these videos by email or onto facebook, and post your comments right here: From serious analysis to Friday fun. Here are the top videos uploaded from PitchVision systems around the world this week.

Quick Tip: Talent is Hard Work

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Isn't it strange that naturally talented cricketers always talk about how hard they work?

Dropping Anchor: How to Play A Long Innings

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Good batsman turn starts into hundreds. Anyone can get out early in an innings, but once your eye is in your goal is to get a big score.

Yet how many players do you see getting a good-looking 30 before falling to a loose shot? The art of the long innings is waning in the crash-bash Twenty20 world.

Let's start turning the tide right now.

Choosing the right shots for the situation