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The Club Captain's Dilemma: Winning While Giving Everyone A Game

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Your team is full of talented all-rounders. Someone needs to fill the final place. What do you do?

How to Scout Players for Your Cricket Club

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In cricket, sides are always changing. To survive, every team needs to scout and recruit players.

But that's difficult.

PitchVision Announce PV/Match

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A brand new Scoring, Scouting and Live Streaming Software and App.

We are tremendously proud to announce the development of our new live “Match Scoring” software, “PV/Match” which will be available this year.

Make the Scorebox Your Powerhouse of Cricket Performance

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With well sharpened pencils and unflinching concentration, the scorer is a cornerstone of cricket. What would we do without them?

Yet these days, a cricket team bent on success needs more than a tidy book.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 27: Winkle Them Out

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David Hinchliffe leads the cricket discussions with Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery. The show features question about changes to the Laws of cricket, and tactics when bowling second.

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Listen for the details.

Become a Talented Cricketer with Three Step Resilience

You don’t get to be a talented cricketer unless you have resilience.

Good Cricket is Your Choice

Want to be a cricketer? You have the choice.

3 Batting Technique Myths You Can Stop Worrying About

Everyone's a cricket coach.

Or so it seems these days. Advice comes from every angle; coaches, family members, the internet and even passers-by calling out. That would be great if it all matched up, but most of the time it is in direct conflict with another piece of advice.

Then there are the myths and clichés on top. The advice that sounds good, and makes the advisor sound wise and clever. In fact, it's based in no more evidence than it was overheard on TV. So it must be true for everyone, right?

It's enough to make you go back to bed instead of picking up the bat and dealing with the swirl of advice in your head.

So, here is some clarity for you: Three simple bits of advice we have all heard (or perhaps even given) that don't make as much sense as they seem. Once you know that these things are not always true, you can get on with getting back to the simplicity of hitting the ball with a clear mind and a confident outlook.

Improve Your Cricket with Pressure Training

When you hit nets you often feel no pressure. When you bat in a game you feel all the pressure.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 26: Off Stump Guard

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Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe coach cricket and chat cricket. This show covers bowling faster and taking guard. As always there is some Garas Gold and Lavers Lore!