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Cricket Show S7 Episode 35: Sacrifices and Choices

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Cricket coaches Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe get round the table to discuss the latest questions in playing and coaching cricket. The discussion kicks of as the lads get into the important but dull planning process. We all prefer to throw, catch, hit and bowl but planning stuff out is crucial too, and that means sitting in front of a computer and talking now and again!

Quick Tip: Try This If Your Post-game Reviews Fail

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It’s time to upgrade your post-game review.

Bat Against Spin with Confidence: Sweeping and Hitting Over the Top

Unless you plan to only face bad spinners, there will come a time when you need to get fancy with your spin game.

This second part of the guide to playing spin gives you more options to use to both rotate the strike and score more boundaries against spinners.

How to Play Spin with Skill and Confidence

Do you struggle with an effective way to bat against spin?

There’s hope because - despite it’s difficulty - there have never been more options. Once you find an approach that works for you, your fear of spin vanishes forever.

Follow This Golden Rule When You Give Cricket Advice

One of the golden rules of cricket advice is to only comment on what you see. Never comment on what you imagine to be happening.

It’s a simple rule, but easy to forget.

How to Set a Record-Breaking Total with the Bat

England recently smashed the world record for a first-inning score in ODI cricket. England’s score of 444/3 at Trent Bridge was truly fantastic.

What can we learn from the world record holders and How do you go about amassing such an unbelievable record-breaking totals?

Beat This Practice Paradox to Become a Cricketer

The best way to become a better cricketer is to train in an way that is comfortable, but also challenges you to improve.

Is it possible to achieve both these aims at the same time?

CRICKET JOBS: Cricket Coach - Millfield School (UK) *PREMIUM ADVERT*

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Closing date: undisclosed

Millfield School are looking to recruit a Cricket Coach. 

Tactics You Should be Using: Pre Death Batting

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What if I told you you can add 50 runs to your first inning score with one tactical change?

It’s possible, because I have seen it happen.

Bounce: The Forgotten Part of Fast Bowling

How much bounce a bowler gets is often ignored in cricket, but it is a crucial factor to how you bowl and how you face different types of bowlers.

In this article Waqas Zafar - cricket analyst - looks at one particular club batsman against two bowlers, who have quite a difference between the bounce they extract from the same surface.