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Fielding Drills: 4 Stump warm up

This drill is part of the PitchVision Academy fielding drills series, for more in this series click here.

Purpose: To act as a warm up drill that practices every ground fielding skill required in a match. Each stump is a different skill to execute.

Improve Your Batting Against Spin by Changing Length

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This is a guest article from Fish Hoek Cricket Club Head Coach, Jamie Rood

I run spin sessions by throwing off spinners to a 5/4 leg side biased field. We have a slip catching and two fielders out at square leg and deep midwicket. Everyone else is in the ring.

In one particular session, I was working with Kegan, an U16 batsman who enjoys working the ball into the leg side and picking it up over mid-wicket. Here's what we did.

Improve Your Batting Power on Zero Budget

With the ability to hit fours and sixes becoming important part of our game, helping batsmen find ways generate power takes a higher priority during every coaching session.

Cricket Show S7 Episode 18: Faster and Slower Balls

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 360.mp3
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Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery join David Hinchliffe and discuss the thorny cricket issue of a lost cause. How do you react to it at the time and how do you find a way through? From selection bias to bowling the wrong end, there are plenty of chances to feel at the end of your tether in the game.

There are also some more classic coaching discussions as questions are answered about hip-shoulder separation and slower balls for fast bowlers. Drop in for a listen!

Solve Batting Problems with Downswing and Follow-Through

What is the purpose of the follow-through?

I ask it a lot, particularly from a batting perspective. Some of the answers are brilliantly inaccurate but tell me that we, as coaches, have done a poor job of explaining the follow through despite the frequency of use in coaching dialogue.

So let’s put this into a front foot drive context. What explanations do I hear on a day to day basis?

Put a Ring on it: How to Grow a Committed Cricket Team

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Have you ever been frustrated by the commitment and motivation of your cricket team? Do you think, like Beyoncé, if they like it they should “put a ring on it?”

Improve Your Spin Bowling with Better Hip to Shoulder Separation

This is a guest article from Max Andrews

“Hip to shoulder separation” is one of the most important movements in generating spin and velocity.

Catching Drill Progression for Better Technique and Hand to Eye Skills

Improve your catching technique and hand-eye skills with this simple, insanely effective, drill progression.

Using the Katchet ramp you can do a lot of work in a very short time to turn your basic skills into world-class basics. Practice is often touted as the main difference between "good" and "great". Simple drilsl like this take you from where you are to stellar levels.

Quick Tip: Will It Help?

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In the movie, Bridge of Spies Mark Rylance is beset by extreme pressure. However, whenever Tom Hanks asks him if he is worried or upset he always answers with the same refrain,

“Will it help?”

Three words that get to the heart of a problem that many cricketers face every time they play. We feel pressure and we respond badly. We panic and do things we would never do when the pressure is off.

Cricket Show S7 Episode 17: Team Personalities

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David Hinchliffe gloats to Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery about six wins from six games this season. But the cricket coaching chat soon turns to team personalities. Can a group of guys have one personality that makes a team, and how can it help you win cricket matches? The discussion is all about some practical ideas.

Then, questions are answered. One from a leg spinne's dad who is wondering about the non-bowling arm, and another from a bowler who wants to know about swimming. Get the details in the show by downloading now!