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A Coaching Session on Batting Decision Making

This session was designed with the "Pundit Inventory" experiment in mind. I undertook the experiment whilst watching England bat in the 3rd Test match vs West Indies at Lord's.

Use String Theory to Improve Your Batting

Nets can be improved with a few bits of string.


Head of Cricket Performance at PGS, Sam Lavery, talks us through how he stops batsmen thinking about shots, and starts them thinking about scoring runs.

And we get to see his new nets in this video

Score More Runs with Luck

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Luck is not a matter of chance.

Coaches: Bring Out the Best in the Cricketers you Coach

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Everyone has traits that create a positive atmosphere and every person has corrosive traits that bring morale down.

Batting Decision Making: The Pundit Inventory

When listening to TVcommentary, how many times do you hear the pundits speaking about decision making?

The Easy Guide to Strength and Conditioning for Cricket

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It’s a natural reaction to the unknown and a way of protecting yourself. But your job isn’t to live in fear of negative results, it’s to improve.

And that means learning some of the basics of general fitness alongside cricket skills.

Use Chances to Improve Your Bowling

Are you an unlucky bowler?

The Role of the Modern Cricket Coach: Team Spirit

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Keep the team on their path.

Cricket Show: S8 Episode 34: Vary Your Cricket

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Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe discuss coaching issues and tips. On the show this week there are chats about "variability" in cricket training (what it is and how to do it), stopping in the bowling action and tactics for left arm spinners.

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Discover How to Get Great Sponsors for Your Cricket Club

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Getting sponsors is tough but crucial. Here's how to do it.